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Indirect and Direct Object Pronouns

Sentences with verbs that take a Direct and Indirect objects, and their corresponding sentences with object pronouns are present in this Quizlet. Please note that in this exercise, you need to add a prepositional phrase for emphasis or for clarification when the Direct and Indirect Objects are replaced by their corresponding object pronouns.

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Arturo me hace la cena.
Arthur makes dinner for me.
Arturo me la hace.
Arthur makes it (feminine) for me.
Juan te compra un libro.
John buys you a book.
Juan te lo compra
John it buys for you.
Mi mamá nos compra un regalo.
My mother buys us a gift.
Mi mamá nos lo compra
My mother buys it for us.
Agustín les manda un paquete a ellos.
Agustin sends a package to them.
Agustín se lo manda
Agustin sends it to them.
Juan me escribe un poema.
Juan writes me a poem.
Juan me lo escribe.
Juan writes it for me.
Ella nos dijo una mentira.
She told us a lie.
Ella nos la dijo
She told it (feminine) to us.
Yo te digo la verdad siempre.
I always tell you the truth.
Yo te la digo siempre
I always tell it to you.
Ella le escribe una carta
She writes him a letter.
Ella se la escribe
She writes it for him.
Él me compra la comida.
He buys me the food.
Él me la compra
He buys it (feminine) for me.
Tú me compras las revistas.
You buy me the magazines.
Tú me las compras
You buy them (feminine) for me.
El médico no te da la medicina.
The doctor doesn't give you the medicine.
El médico no te la da
The doctor doesn't give it to you.
Tú no les vendes el pan a ellos.
You don't sell them the bread.
Tú no se lo vendes
You don't sell it to them.
Nosotros compramos la pizza. La comimos.
We bought pizza. We ate it.
Yo se lo doy. (el teléfono)
I give it to him. (the phone)
Luis y Fernando se lo vendieron. (el taco)
Luis & Fernando sold it to her. (taco)