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CS Software

Types of user interface.

GUI, Command Line and menu driven.

What are some Processing methods?

Batch, Multi-access, Multi-Tasking and Real Time.

What are some examples of the tasks of an Operating System?

Provides a user interface, shares and assigns memory, controls all devices attached and controls the application and utilities programs.

What is the difference between spooling and buffering?

Spooling stores jobs on the disk to be completed later, while buffering temporarily stores input or output data in an attempt to better match the speeds of two devices such as a fast CPU and a slow disk.

What is the difference between interrupts and polling?

Polling is when the processor checks that all devices are fine and working constantly and interrupts occur when a high priority peripheral device interrupts the processor to show an error message.

What are some examples of utilities software?

Security programs such as a firewall or virus scanner and file management programs like conversion programs or encryption programs.

What is meant by disk defragmentation?

Disk Defragmentaion is where the disk rearranges the memory on a hard disk so that the system can access the data more efficiently.

What is meant be Malware?

Malicious software that damages systems and/or steals data.

What is an Anti Adware/spyware filter?

Software that scans and removes unwanted advertisements and programs that can steal information from the computer.

What is an Encryption program?

Software the can encrypt a file so that it is protected unless it is unencrypted.

What are the 4 types of Application software?

Generic, Bespoke, Specialist and Customised.

Give some examples of generic software.

Desktop publishing, word processors, multimedia presentations and CAD/CAM

What is meant by Bespoke software?

Similar to customized software, it is made with one purpose in mind. It is usually made for companies who order it specially.

Give an example of a piece of bespoke software.

Passport/immigration programs

Give 5 examples of communication software

Email, Fax, IM, Video conferencing, VOIP.

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