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CS - Storage Devices

8 Bits =

1 Byte

1024 Bytes =


1024 Kilobytes =

1 Megabyte

1024 Megabytes =

1 Gigabyte

1024 Gigabytes =

1 Terabyte

How much data does a Hard Drive Disk store?

Hard disks store large amounts of data - 200GB to 1TB is common in desktop computers.

How much data does a Floppy Disk store?

Floppy disks hold very small amounts of data, just 1.44MB and a computer needs a floppy drive to read them.

How much data does a Compact Disk store?

They store up to 700MB of data.

How much data does a Digital Versatile Disk store?

DVDs are the same physical size as CDs but hold much more data - a single sided disc can hold up to 4.7GB.

What are the main differences between ROM and RAM

RAM is computer memory which loses its data when the computer is switched off.
ROM is computer memory which retains its data, even when the computer is switched off.

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