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CS Hardware

What does a video card do?

Allows for the rendering and display of 3d and 2d graphics, video capture and output to TV.

What does a CD drive do?

Reads and can rewrite information on a Compact Disk (CD).

What does RAM do?

Random access memory (RAM) allows the computer to temporarily store data. Is volatile.

What does a Network card do?

A network card listens and monitors the traffic passing through the attached network. When it recognises a data packet addressed to it's IP address (or other network protocol identifier in use) it will accept the packet and pass it on to the PC attached.

What does a Hard disk drive do?

Stores non-volatile data, which is done by magnetism and an actuator arm that 'writes' data.

What does a power supply do?

Supplies power to the computer and all its components

What does a cooling fan do?

Cools parts of a computer to stop them from over-heating

What does a sound card do?

It produces 3-D audio for games or surround sound playback for DVDs. It can also capture and record sound from external sources.

What does a Heat sink do?

It draws heat away fom the object that is is being used on. Helps cooling fans cool.

What does a Motherboard do? (If you don't know this then you shouldn't be here!)

A motherboard is the primary source that links your computer processor unit (CPU), your memory, and hardware.

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