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Past Papers Questions

Questions from my computer past papers.
Advantages & disadvantages of business using electronic funds transfer (EFT)
Advantages :
No need to carry cash.
It is easier than paying with cash or cheques.
Disadvantages :
It can be stolen easily.
Some people believe that it encourages people to pay more.
Advantages of high-level language
It is not machine specefic, and it is easy to be understood.
Instructions are similar to english.
Difference between compiler and interpreter
Compiler - it converts the whole program written in high-level language into a machine code, in one go.
Interpreter - it converts each instruction given in high-level language into a machine code.
Tasks done by the operating system
Provides security
Allocates time slot
Allocates memory management
Why a modem is needed to communicate with the ISP
The modem will dial the ISP and ISP will chek that the user's password is vail before allowing the access to the file server.
Internet is a group of networks connected from one building to another building or it can also be called as network of networks.This internet is the biggest network in the world.
Three stages in the analysis of the existing system
Fact finding methods.
Feasibility study methods.
Feasibility report methods.
Advantages of business of writing the program instead of buying a software package
Quicker to modify or make changes.
No extra unwanted features.
Types of test data that should be used to test the program
Random access memory (RAM)
It is a volatile momory.The data held disappears if the power is switched off.
Two ways that computer-based learning (CBL) has affected learning and testing methods
Can test more students as world wide.
No need to sit in rooms for exams.
Two types of computer crime
Stealing data or software piracy
Two ways of protecting against computer crime
The purpose of a compiler
It converts the whole program written in high-level language in a machine code in one go.
Two ways in which photographs can be edited using graphics software
Crop or cut
Flip or rotate
Sensors are input devices that are used to detect external changes in an environment.They may register levels of light, temeperature, sound and humidity.
Remote sensors
Remote sensors are located at some distance from the computer system to which they are sending data.
It is a method of sending messages from one terminal to another via a communication link.
Advantages :
It is a quick way of sending messages all around the world.
The same message can be sent to many users at the same time.
The message will arrive directly and quickly to the recipient's inbox.
Disadvantages :
The use of e-mail may lead to a lot of time wasting.
Viruses can easily be sent to millions of users.
Hacking is possible.
Advantages and disadvantages of internet
Advantages :
It helps you to contact with people around the world.
Internet provides limitless source of information.
Communication is fast and reliable.
Disadvantages :
Internet may lead to a lot of time wasting.
Viruses could be sent to millions of recipients.
Hacking is possible.
What has led computers becoming both smaller and more sophisticated?
Larger memories.
Faster processing.
Better display.
Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
RSI is caused by the joints in the fingers and lower arms being pounded by typing at high speed.
What health problems may result from prolonged use of computers in office-type settings?
RSI which affects hands, backache, eye strain and headaches.
Command-driven interface
The interface between user and computer in which the user enters commands to communicate with the computer system using a keyboard.
Graphical user interface
a user interface based on graphics (icons and pictures and menus) instead of text.
Three reasons why the shop owner would want a computerised system
Easier to chek prices.
Less errors.
Stae the hardware, software and services required to access and use the internet
A moem is used to provide the link from a personal computer to a service called ISP (internet service provider) which offers a permannt link to the internet. TCP/IP is a software which is needed in the computer to have an internet connection.
Two benefits to the company of using video conferencing
No travel expense.
Time is saved.
Two disadvantages the empolyee of teleworking
The empolyee will not have a direct contact with the other empolyees.
Less of social interactions.
Fixed number of bits (8 bits)
Benefit and disadvantages of wireless technology
Benefits :
No need of wires
Disadvantages :
Health problems.
Anyone who walks past your house can access sensitive infomation if you donot have a password.
Two effects of computer virus
Slows down the computer.
Deletes files or system faliure.
Items stored in the barcode
Why a school would have chosen Broadband instead of a standard modem connection
Faster download and access.
It is always on, donot need to wait for system to dial up.