10 terms


Abbreviation of central processing unit, is the brains of the computer. Sometimes referred to simply as the processor or central processor, is where most calculations take place.
The main circuit board in a computer that connects together all of the individual components that comprise the system unit. typically provides slots to hold the processor, RAM memory, and expansion cards. It also provides all of the circuitry (busses) to connect the components to the main processor. Many also have chips that can provided video, sound, or networking functionality.
Heat Sink
A metal base or plate that one or more components are mounted in order to absorb, or carry away heat from the components.
Sound Card
card or chip inserted into computer that allows the output of audio.
Graphics Card
adapter or card that's function is to generate output images on a display
Hard Drive
hardware that holds a magnetic disk, that reads and writes information on it. stores your computer's information
CD Drive
a device that reads discs.
Power Supply
part of a computer that provides energy to the rest of the components.
this is the software stored on a chip that is a set of instructions for necessary functions in a computer.
Metal devices that attach cables to equipment or to other cables.