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  1. Alot of them refuse to face Japan's past much like Germany
  2. Young Germans believed people let it happened and that they should have risen up against the Nazis and Hitler.
  3. "We did commit atrocities, we did impose our national will, we were colonialists/ imperialists just like Britain and other nations were and just like them we stopped. We are no better or worse or different from any other major nations. We know it was wrong and its done.
  4. Japan sinned and was punished as a form of purification consequently, it has a responsibility to look for injustices around the world and point them out

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  1. End of WWII - GermanyGermany Occupied by West and Soviet Allies; East =Soviet Communist West = West (Britain and France) - democratic/capitalistic


  2. Japan Memory WWII - Purified by PunishmentYes, Japan committed atrocities of various sorts during WWII, but Japan was punished in a way that doesn't happen anywhere else with the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings


  3. Collective Memorythe group of stories that a group of people tell themselves about the past


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