20 terms


the process of encoding refers to
getting info into memory
the process of getting info out of memory is called
your consciously activiated but limited capacity memory is called _____ memory
short term
priming is to retrieval as rehearsal is to
when people are asked to recall a list of words they had earlier memorized, they often substitute synonyms for some words on the original list. This best illustrates the effect of
semantic encoding
we are more likely to remember the word "typewriter, cigarette and fire" than the words "void, process, and inherit." Best illustrates
explicit memory is to long term memory as iconic memory is to ___ memory.
short term
echoing memory refers to
a momentary sensory memory of auditory stimuli.
some of the info in our ___ memory is encoded into ___ memory
iconic, short term
Karl Lashley trained rats to solve a maze and removed cortex pieces.
was not restricted to specific region of cortex.
long term potentiation
nueral brain for learning and memory.
a flashbulb memory typically stored is ___ memory
long-term memory
remember how to solve a jigsaw puzzle
implicit memory
Cerebellum is to ___ memory as as hippocampus is to ___ memory
implicit, explicit
eyewitness to accident asked to describe uses
words, events, places and emotions trigger our memory of past
retrieval cues
david feels sexually jealous
inhibility to recall when numbers on phone dial w/o letter
encoding failure
research on memory construction indicates that memories of past experiences
distorted by our current assumption
sexual abuse statements
adult memories of experiences happening before the age of three are unreliable.