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  1. Zygote
  2. Recessive traits
  3. Homozygous
  1. a ...
  2. b Having two identical alleles for a particular gene.
  3. c Fertilized egg

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  1. Part of eukaryotic cell division during which the cell nucleus divides.
  2. ...
  3. Type of reproduction in which cells from two parents unite to form the first cell of a new organism.
  4. Chart that shows the presence or absence of a trait according to the relationships within a family across several generations.
  5. Diagram that can be used to predict the genotype and phenotype combinations of a genetic cross.

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  1. Binary Fission...


  2. Crossing overCell organelle consisting of RNA and protein found throughout the cytoplasm in a cell; the site of protein synthesis.


  3. DNA...


  4. MeiosisProcess in which the number of chromosomes per cell is cut in half through the separation of homologous chromosomes in a diploid cell.


  5. GenetypesPhysical characteristics of an organism