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Integrated Chinese L1P1 L6-1 約時間

Integreated Chinese L1P1 Lesson 6 約時間 Part 1 pictures
(gěi) to; for
打电话 (打電話)
(dǎ diànhuà) to make a phone call
电话 (電話)
(diànhuà) telephone
(wéi/wèi) Hello!; Hey! (on telephone)
(zài) to be present; to be at (a place)
(jiù) exactly; precisely
(nín ) you (polite)
(nǎ/něi ) which
(wèi) (a polite measure word for person)
(xiàwǔ) afternoon
时间 (時間)
(shíjiān) time
问题 (問題)
(wèntí) question; problem
(yào) will, be going to; to want to, to have a desire to
开会 (開會)
(kāi huì) to have a meeting
开 (開)
(kāi) to open; to hold (a meeting, party, etc.)
会 (會)
(huì) meeting
(shàngwǔ) morning
节 (節)
(jié) (a measure word for a class period)
课 (課)
(kè) class; course; lesson
年级 (年級)
(niánjí) grade in school
考试 (考試)
(kǎoshì) to give or take a test; test
(kǎo) to give or take a test
试 (試)
(shì) test; to try; to experiment
以后 (以後)
(yǐhòu) after; from now on, later on
空儿 (空兒)
(kòngr) free time
(yàoshi) if
(fāngbiàn) convenient
(dào) to go to; to arrive
办公室 (辦公室)
(bàngōngshì) office
(xíng) all right; O.K.
(děng) to wait; to wait for
(bié) don't
(kèqi) polite
(Cháng lǎo shī) Teaher Chang

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