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  1. is cholesterol soluble in water?
  2. enterogastric reflex
  3. In the cephalic phase, reflexes from the ___-based senses stimulate increased gastric activity.
  4. isovolumetric relaxation
  5. Stroke Volume
  1. a not soluble in water
  2. b head
  3. c The enterogastric reflex specifically inhibits the intestinal phase by stimulating sympathetic activity and secretion of cholecystokinin which, in turn, decrease motility and delay emptying.
  4. d early in diastole, all heart valves are closed, ventricles are relaxing but pressure is still higher than atrial pressure so no blood is flowing into ventricles yet.
  5. e amount of blood pumped out of ventricle with one contraction (SV= EDV - ESV)

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  1. parietal cells in the gastric glands of the stomach
  2. salivary and pacreatic enzymes
  3. bile salts
  4. BPG increase causes decrease in bound O2 on hemoglobin
  5. very large vein in the trunk formed by fusion fo the jugular and subclavian veins. It then emties into the Superior Venae Cavae.

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  1. cause of expiration during normal, quiet breathing?passive recoil of the lungs and chest wall


  2. clotting problems and electrolyte imbalances are disorders of what blood element?plasma


  3. bile salts and pancreatic enzymes digest what substance?veins to prevent backflow


  4. effect of hypercalcemia on the heartBPG increase causes decrease in bound O2 on hemoglobin


  5. pCO2 affect on pHthe volume ejected from the ventricle into the aorta each minute (HR x SV = CO)