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  1. Which blood group will have its erythrocytes agglutinated by either type A plasma or type B plasma?
  2. bile salts and pancreatic enzymes digest what substance?
  3. isovolumetric relaxation
  4. alkalosis affect on hemoglobin O2 sat
  5. pCO2 affect on pH
  1. a increased pCO2 causes decrease in pH
  2. b increase in pH leads to increase in hemoglobin O2 sat
  3. c early in diastole, all heart valves are closed, ventricles are relaxing but pressure is still higher than atrial pressure so no blood is flowing into ventricles yet.
  4. d type AB has both antigen A and antigen B. Thus it will be agglutinated by both anti-A antibody and anti-B antibody.
  5. e lipids

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  1. synthesizing glucose from a non-carbohydrate source such as fats or proteins.
  2. Potassium's effect on muscle cells causes contractions to become weak and irregular and eventually to stop.
  3. catabolic
  4. increased erythrocyte production
  5. in the pancreas

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  1. cause of expiration during normal, quiet breathing?passive recoil of the lungs and chest wall


  2. The radial and ulnar veins fuse to form this vein that runs most of the length of the armaxillary


  3. 3 veins of the neck (two of each)internal jugular, external jugular and vertebral veins


  4. Intestinal phaseclumping of cells due to introduction of an antibody


  5. two functions of glycogenolysis1-maintain blood glucose level
    2-provide energy during fight-or-flight response


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