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  1. bicarbonate buffers are found in intestinal juice and produced in the ___
  2. pressure is generally high/low in the pulmonary circuit?
  3. effect of hypercalcemia on the heart
  4. thrombocyte
  5. before enzymes act on fats, they must be emulsified by ___ ___
  1. a Heart irritability is increased
  2. b platelet
  3. c bile salts
  4. d pancreas
  5. e relatively low (high pressure causes edema)

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  1. pepsinogen
  2. internal jugular, external jugular and vertebral veins
  3. plasma
  4. in the pancreas
  5. time the atrioventricular valves are open. Bridges all of ventricular systole and diastole

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  1. pH affect on hemoglobin and oxygenBPG increase causes decrease in bound O2 on hemoglobin


  2. cephalic phase of gastric secretion1-cephalic phase
    2-gastric phase
    3-intestinal phase


  3. chief cells in the stomach secrete ___pepsinogen


  4. two functions of glycogenolysisthe breakdown of glycogen stores for use when there is insufficient glucose (catabolic reaction)


  5. bile is secreted by ___increased pCO2 causes decrease in pH