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  1. gastroenteric reflex
  2. pepsinogen
  3. isovolumetric relaxation
  4. 3 veins of the neck (two of each)
  5. parietal cells in the stomach secrete ___ ___
  1. a early in diastole, all heart valves are closed, ventricles are relaxing but pressure is still higher than atrial pressure so no blood is flowing into ventricles yet.
  2. b internal jugular, external jugular and vertebral veins
  3. c stimulates motility of small intestine to accelerate movement
  4. d precursor (zymogen) of pepsin, secreted by chief cells in the stomach
  5. e hydrochloric acid

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  1. early in ventricular systole, ventricles are contracting isometrically with all valves closed. Pressure is rising but no blood is flowing.
  2. synthesizing glucose from a non-carbohydrate source such as fats or proteins.
  3. clumping of cells due to introduction of an antibody
  4. deficiency in oxygen-carrying red blood cells (erythrocytes)
  5. catabolism of carbs (ie- glucose) by enzymes for the release of energy and pyruvic acid

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  1. In the gastric phase, ___ receptors and ___ reactions control gastric activity.stretch receptors and hormonal reactions


  2. where is hydrochloric acid produced?parietal cells in the gastric glands of the stomach


  3. bicarbonate buffers are found in intestinal juice and produced in the ___pancreas


  4. 3 phases of gastric secretion1-cephalic phase
    2-gastric phase
    3-intestinal phase


  5. when blood pH decreases does more or less O2 become available for tissues?acidity increases RBC metabolic rates