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  1. Bicarbonate buffers are a component of intestinal juice that are produced where?
  2. hydrolysis
  3. In the cephalic phase, reflexes from the ___-based senses stimulate increased gastric activity.
  4. thrombocytosis
  5. ___ is primarily water with small amounts of enzymes that initiate the breakdown of carbohydrates
  1. a breaking chemical bonds by adding water. Opposite of dehydration synthesis. catabolic
  2. b high blood platelet count
  3. c in the pancreas
  4. d saliva
  5. e head

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  1. The enterogastric reflex specifically inhibits the intestinal phase by stimulating sympathetic activity and secretion of cholecystokinin which, in turn, decrease motility and delay emptying.
  2. passive recoil of the lungs and chest wall
  3. medulla oblongata
  4. hydrochloric acid
  5. pancreatic lipase

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  1. gluconeogenesissynthesizing glucose from a non-carbohydrate source such as fats or proteins.


  2. In the gastric phase, ___ receptors and ___ reactions control gastric activity.begins when you smell, think of or taste food. directed by CNS, prepares stomach to receive food. speeds up production of gastric juices.


  3. agglutinationcolloidal suspension of a liquid in another liquid


  4. pressure is generally high/low in the pulmonary circuit?relatively low (high pressure causes edema)


  5. function of surfactant produced by type II alveolar cellsHeart irritability is increased