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  1. Where in the cardiovascular system is blood pressure normally the highest?
  2. pyloric sphincter
  3. alkalosis affect on hemoglobin O2 sat
  4. does low blood pH increase or decrease RBC metabolic rates?
  5. Leukemia is a disorder of what blood element?
  1. a structure that allows communication between the inferior stomach and the duodenum of the small intestine
  2. b acidity increases RBC metabolic rates
  3. c increase in pH leads to increase in hemoglobin O2 sat
  4. d the systemic circuit
  5. e WBC (leukocytes)

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  1. protein
  2. increases
  3. begins when you smell, think of or taste food. directed by CNS, prepares stomach to receive food. speeds up production of gastric juices.
  4. brachial vein
  5. Arteriolar smooth muscles contract in vascular spasm

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  1. clotting problems and electrolyte imbalances are disorders of what blood element?Anemia is a deficiency in oxygen-carrying red blood cells (erythrocytes)


  2. BPG affect on hemoglobin O2 satBPG increase causes decrease in bound O2 on hemoglobin


  3. the basilic and brachial veins of the upper arm empty into the ___ veinhydrochloric acid


  4. hydrolysiscatabolism of carbs (ie- glucose) by enzymes for the release of energy and pyruvic acid


  5. How does the body respond to increased CO2 in the blood stream?break down or emulsify fat droplets