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  1. two functions of glycogenolysis
  2. glycogen conversion to glucose, is this catabolic or anabolic?
  3. thrombocytopenia
  4. effect of hypercalcemia on the heart
  5. 3 veins of the neck (two of each)
  1. a internal jugular, external jugular and vertebral veins
  2. b 1-maintain blood glucose level
    2-provide energy during fight-or-flight response
  3. c abnormal decrease in blood platelets
  4. d catabolic
  5. e Heart irritability is increased

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  1. ascending, transverse, descending, sigmoid
  2. pCO2 increase causes decrease in pH (acidosis) which decreases hemoglobin O2 sat
  3. increases
  4. amount of blood pumped out of ventricle with one contraction (SV= EDV - ESV)
  5. yellow or greenish liquid secreted by the liver that aids in absorption and digestion of lipids (fats)

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  1. The aortic valve opens during the ___ and closes at the end of the ___ ___opens during QRS, closes at end of T wave


  2. are valves found in veins or arteries?1-cephalic phase
    2-gastric phase
    3-intestinal phase


  3. surfactant in alveoli decreases ___ ___surface tension


  4. which is an active process and which is passive inpiration/expiration?inspiriation is active
    expiration is passive


  5. agglutinationprecursor (zymogen) of pepsin, secreted by chief cells in the stomach