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Superior Vena Cava
R brachiocephalic vein flows into
Inferior vena cava
Blood to R atria
External Jugular Vein
R and L, Drain blood from jaw, face
Internal Jugular Vein
R and L, Drain blood from brain
Subclavian Vein
Off Axillary
Cephalic Vein
R and L
Brachial Vein
R and L
R and L
Radial Vein
R and L
Median antebrachial Vein
R and L, join with basilic vein
Ulnar Vein
R and L
Hepatic portal vein
Drain all blood in digestive sytem to liver
Splenic Vein
Drain spleen and stomach
Common iliac vein
R and L, Join inferior vena cava
Femoral vein
R and L, join common iliac vein
Great saphenous Vein
R and L, very superficia, branch of common iliac vein
Popilteal Vein
R and L, posterior femoral vein
Brachiocephalic Vein
R and l, where R internal jugular and subclaven come together
Axillary Vein
Joining of cephalic vein and basilic vein
Superior mesenteric Vein
Drain intestine
Hepatic Propper Vein
From liver to inferior vena cava