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people who come to a new country, usually with the intention of staying


to move from one country to another with the intention of staying


when a person leaves the country they are born in to live in another place


to go from one region or place where one lives to settle in another within that same country

Push-Pull Theory

"push" (reasons why people wanted to leave their country) and "pull" (reasons why people wanted to come to a new land)

Ellis Island

a process in which different cultures share ideas and ways of doing


people who felt threatened by the growing number of immigrants who spoke the language and followed the customs of their native land; they wanted to keep America for "Americans"


apartment house/apartment


people seeking safety in another country


to be for or against a person based on race, creed, religion, etc. instead of merit


an unfavorable opinion formed beforehand without knowledge, reason, or thought

Ethnic Group

a group of people who share a language, a religion, a history, and cultural traditions

Cultural Diversity


Cultural Exchange

a wide vaiety of cultures

Mosaic Society

the product of different cultures that keep their own identities while contributing to the culture of the whole nation

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