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Complexity and trial ability - being able to try and see if you like products. this is very easy to do with inexpensive products like cleaning sprays as opposed to expensive items like vacuums. Therefore, companies try to make it easy for potential buyers to try out the product before they take a risk and buy it. IE: Bed bath and beyond lets you test out on a small floor space, how well a Dyson works.
Relative advantage - if a product is perceived to be better than substitutes, the the diffusion will be relatively quick. IE: Swiffer using real life families to use their products to show how easy it is to use. IE a man who has lost his arm to cancer can still help his family keep the house clean with the Suffer instead of struggling with a ladder and sprays
Compatibility - IE: the difference in the size and loudness of Electtrolux's vacuum that turns the dust that has been picked up into a "pellet." But to make sure that it was compatible with multiple different cultures, there is a bigger on sold in American markets for their typically larger houses, and a smaller and quieter model for the Asian market for their smaller apartments.
observability- when consumers can observe the benefits of buying a product, it diffuses through the market quicker. IE: why would you want to spend $400 on a blender? Blendtec demonstrated the value of their $400 blender by making a campaign of youtube videos of them blending random items like ipads, justin beiber's autobiography, and other unusual items in their blenders to show how powerful their product was. By including humor, they were able to go viral.