Great Depression and Rise of Totalitarian Leaders

18 terms by mrskendrick82

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on margin

to pay for only part of the cost of a stock and borrow the rest from stockbrokers


a person who sells shares in a business

margin call

a demand for immediate repayment of a loan


a time of economic slowdown


a period of low economic activity and high unemployment


tax on an imported good


a period of rising prices and decreasing monetary values


the name given to Hitler's political beliefs

totalitarian state

a system in which leaders totally control the way citizens think and live


banning; not allowing


systems, or forms of communication, such as newspapers, radio, and television programs


a government in which the state is glorified above the individual


a government that's goal is to end all class differences and private property


intense dislike and prejudice against the Jewish people


a brutal form of communism imposted by a small group of party leaders


forcibly remove through imprisonment or execution


combine small farms into big ones


dictatorships led by one person or group

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