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  1. Synagogue
  2. Non-traditional Funeral
  3. Pastor
  4. Door Badge
  5. Honorarium
  1. a Religious oriented service that follows a more modern interpretation, including favorite music, peoms, and readings
  2. b A Jewish place of worship.
  3. c An unsolicited gift, usually an honorary payment or reward for gratuitous or professional services.
  4. d One having spiritual care over a number of people.
  5. e A crepe badge or floral design placed on the door indicating the death of an individual.

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  1. A funeral rite that follows a prescribed ritual or ceremony which may be dictated either by religious belief or social custom.
  2. The failure of a professional person to render proper services through reprehensible ignorance or neglect.
  3. A portable stretcher commonly employed in an ambulance or transfer vehicle for the moving of the sick, injured, or deceased.
  4. The movement at the beginning of the service.
  5. The head of the Roman Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome.

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  1. SepulcherIn the Jewish faith, a watcher; one who sits with the body until burial.


  2. Primitive Funeral RiteA funeral rite which may be construed as being identifiable with a pre-literate society.


  3. ExhumationThe singing or intoning of all or portions of liturgical service.


  4. CandelabrumA religious singer who assists the clergy; assists the Rabbi in the Jewish faith; assists the Priest in the Eastern Orthodox faith.


  5. CadaverA dead human body intended solely for scientific study and dissection.