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  1. Fraternal
  2. Reader
  3. Transcepts
  4. Flower Room
  5. Recessional
  1. a One authorized to read the lessons and scriptures in the Church of Christ, Scientist faith.
  2. b The movement at the end of a service.
  3. c The sides of a Liturgical church in which additional seating is located.
  4. d Belonging to a brother; of or relating to a brotherhood.
  5. e A room in the mortuary for the receiving and caring for flowers sent for funeral service.

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  1. The movement at the beginning of the service.
  2. A private room in the funeral home or mortuary used specifically for the funeral director and the family
  3. The rules and regulations imposed by the state board of health governing the shipping of dead human remains, inter and intra-state, and also railroad regulations
  4. Mechanical device employed to lower a casket, box or vault into the grave.
  5. A pamphlet made available at the funeral service giving details about the deceased and the funeral arrangements.

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  1. IconostasisIn the Eastern Orthodox church, the partition that extends across the front of the church separating the sanctuary from the solea.


  2. Prie-Dieu (Prayer Rail, Kneeler)In the Jewish faith, a memorial service; literally "God full of compassion;" usually the last prayer of the funeral service;


  3. Casket StandardIn the Roman Catholic faith, a candle placed near the casket during the Funeral Mass that signifies the everlasting light of Christ.


  4. Sacred HeartIn the Roman Catholic faith, a religious picture, usually of Jesus Christ.


  5. Requiem Mass (Mass Of Christian Burial)Refers to the mass for the dead. Funeral service and/or music for the repose of the soul of the departed (old mass).