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  1. Uroxicide
  2. Inquest
  3. Visitation (Calling Hours, Visiting Hours)
  4. Prayer Rail
  5. Rosary Service
  1. a An official inquiry or examination usually before a coroner's jury to determine the cause of death.
  2. b A Roman Catholic prayer service for the repose of the soul of the departed.
  3. c See Prie Dieu.
  4. d Time set aside for friends and relatives to pay respect for the deceased prior to the funeral service.
  5. e Killing of a wife by her husband.

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  1. A person registered for instruction in embalming and/or funeral directing under the supervision of an authorized licensed embalmer and/or funeral director
  2. In the Jewish faith, the ceremony of washing the deceased before the burial; serves as a ritual purification or cleansing of the body and should be performed by the Chevra Kaddisha
  3. Those funeral arrangements made in advance of need that do not include provisions for funding or prepayment.
  4. A certificate issued by local government giving their permission for cremation of the deceased.
  5. (From the French "casse," a chest of valuable possessions); a case or receptacle into which human

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  1. EcclesiasticOf the church or clergy.


  2. MonumentAn erection of stone or other material commemorating the life, deeds or career of some deceased person.


  3. Death Rate (Mortality Rate)That portion of the funeral home especially designed and equipped for embalming the dead human remains.


  4. ProcessionThe orderly movement of a dead body and of persons and vehicles during the period of the funeral to the place of final disposition; usually following the rites and ceremonies in a church or funeral home to the place of final disposition (furneral procession, cortege)


  5. SectA mournful poem or song of lamentation for the dead.