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  1. Lowering Device
  2. Funeral Service
  3. Synagogue
  4. Lobby
  1. a A Jewish place of worship.
  2. b See Narthex.
  3. c The rites held at the time of disposition of human remains, with the body present.
  4. d Mechanical device employed to lower a casket, box or vault into the grave.

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  1. An individual who is registered by a state agency to perform only basic disposition with no accompanying funeral or other service.
  2. One in whom all physical life as ceased.
  3. To accompany, as a leader of the procession or guardian of the group.
  4. One who conducts a religious service or ceremony.
  5. The rules and regulations imposed by the state board of health governing the shipping of dead human remains, inter and intra-state, and also railroad regulations

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  1. PodiumA raised platform or stage.


  2. Mass CardsCards on which an individual requests the priest to say mass for the soul of the deceased.


  3. LotA kind of vase for holding cremains.


  4. Interment (Burial, Inhumement)The act of placing the dead human body in the ground.


  5. CardinalA dead human body intended solely for scientific study and dissection.


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