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  1. Cantor
  2. Cemetery
  3. Casket Selection Room
  4. Honorary Casket Bearers
  5. Receiving Vault
  1. a A room in the funeral home in which caskets are placed for family viewing at the time of arrangements.
  2. b Friends of the family or members of an organization or group who act as an escort or honor guard for the deceased. They do not carry the casket.
  3. c A structure designed for the temporary storage of bodies which are not to be immediately interred.
  4. d A religious singer who assists the clergy; assists the Rabbi in the Jewish faith; assists the Priest in the Eastern Orthodox faith.
  5. e An area of ground set aside and dedicated for the final disposition of dead human bodies.

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  1. That portion of the funeral home in which guests or callers are received.
  2. Killing of an entire people or nation.
  3. A public officer whose chief duty is to investigate questionable deaths.
  4. In the Jewish faith, a memorial service recited four times a year.
  5. A legal copy of the original death certificate.

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  1. CatacombsAn underground cemetery for burial purposes.


  2. UrnOne's relatives collectively; referring to blood relationship (legally the surviving spouse is not a kin).


  3. AronHebrew meaning container; a casket made entirely of wood and contains no metal parts.


  4. Calling Hours (Visiting Hours)Time at which the family and friends may view the deceased.


  5. Transfer Of Remains (Removal, First Call)A book or list of those attending the service.