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  1. Death Certificate
  2. Matricide
  3. Reader
  4. Cross
  5. Preplanned Funeral Arrangements
  1. a A legal document containing vital statistic, disposition, and final medical information pertaining to the deceased.
  2. b Killing of one's mother.
  3. c Those funeral arrangements made in advance of need that do not include provisions for funding or prepayment.
  4. d One authorized to read the lessons and scriptures in the Church of Christ, Scientist faith.
  5. e An emblem of the church consisting of two plain bars at right angles to each other.

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  1. In the Jewish faith, the grave.
  2. In the Roman Catholic faith, a dignity conferred upon Bishops making them Princes of the Church.
  3. False teeth.
  4. A large ornamental candlestick holder with several branches, and each supporting a candle.
  5. A place where dead human bodies are kept pending identification by relatives.

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  1. Mortuary LawLaws covering the right of possession and control of dead human bodies, operation of funeral homes,


  2. AltarOne having spiritual care over a number of people.


  3. Flower CarA call made on the surviving relatives after the funeral service by the funeral director or an assistant.


  4. INRIA kind of vase for holding cremains.


  5. Vigil ServiceSee Rosary Service:


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