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  1. Funeralization
  2. Clientele
  3. Genocide
  4. Disinter (Exhumation)
  5. Calling Hours (Visiting Hours)
  1. a To remove from the grave or tomb; to dig up; exhume.
  2. b a. Group of clients; b. Those who adhere or resort to a person for professional help and advice.
  3. c Time at which the family and friends may view the deceased.
  4. d A process involving all activities associated with final disposition.
  5. e Killing of an entire people or nation.

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  1. See Narthex.
  2. In the Roman Catholic faith, a sacrament given to those seriously ill or in danger of death to prepare their souls for eternity.
  3. In the Jewish faith, a watcher; one who sits with the body until burial.
  4. A funeral rite that is in essence devoid of religious connotation.
  5. A pamphlet made available at the funeral service giving details about the deceased and the funeral arrangements.

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  1. AcolyteAn alter attendant.


  2. CommittalIn the Roman Catholic faith, a dignity conferred upon Bishops making them Princes of the Church.


  3. ShroudFrom the English "scrud"; a garment; clothing for the dead (poor usage except for Jewish); clothing for the dead (Jewish); a robe like garment


  4. Death CertificateA legal document containing vital statistic, disposition, and final medical information pertaining to the deceased.


  5. Rosary BeadsBeads and a crucifix used as an aid in the recitation of prayers.