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  1. Transit Permit
  2. Inurnment
  3. Vault
  4. Prie-Dieu (Prayer Rail, Kneeler)
  5. Cardinal
  1. a A receptacle to receive the casketed remains, providing protection against the elements of the earth; made of concrete, steel, fiberglass or copper
  2. b A kneeling rail.
  3. c The act of placing cremated remains in an urn.
  4. d In the Roman Catholic faith, a dignity conferred upon Bishops making them Princes of the Church.
  5. e The legal document authorizing transportation by common carrier, and disposal of human remains.

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  1. A structure, room or other space in a building or structure of more durable and lasting fireproof construction containing niches,
  2. In the Eastern Orthodox church, the open area before the altar.
  3. A specially designed room in the funeral home where the remains lie in state from the time of embalming until service, affording complete privacy to family and friends
  4. service is left to the discretion of each individual church and/or minister.
  5. To remove from the grave or tomb; to dig up; exhume.

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  1. Narthex (Lobby, Vestibule, Foyer)The entry way into the funeral home or church.


  2. LotA subdivision in a cemetery which consists of several grave or interment spaces.


  3. EtiquetteConventional requirements as to social behavior.


  4. AcolyteAny event performed in a solemn and prescribed manner.


  5. Potters FieldThe procession of vehicles from the place of the funeral to the place of interment.