40 terms

A Separate Peace

Novel Test Study Guide
It has been _______ years since Gene has been to Devon.
The two "fearful sites" gene visits
Tree & School
The tree resembles _______________.
Giants of the Past
The story flashes-back to ____.
_____ is eager to jump from the tree.
Gene and Finny (relationship) are ___________.
Finny wears a pink shirt because ____________________________.
It celebrates the bombing in Europe.
Gene realizes that Finny can ___________________.
This makes him feel ________________.
Get away with anything; Jealous/Envies him.
Finny wears a ___ as a belt at the tea.
The club Finny and Gene form is called __________________________________________.
The Secret Suicide Society of the Summer Session.
When Gene and Finny are sitting on the tree limb, ___________________________. (what happens?)
Gene later realizes that _________________
Gene falls and Finny catches him.; Finny saved his life.
Why does Finny invent "blitzball"?
He hates badmitten and wants people to exercise.
When finny says he would kill himself "out of jealous envy", what is Gene's reaction?
He freaks out.
Describe the effect Gene's second realization has on his efforts as a student.
He studies more.
Why does Gene continue to attend the club's meetings?
He does not want Finny to be ahead of him.
Before they reach the tree, what does Gene realize about the rivalry between him and Finny?
How does he feel about this?
There is no rivalry between them.; He is shocked.
How is Gene's jump off the limb different from all of his others?
He is forced to jump.
What fact emerges about Finny's condition?
His leg is broken.
How does Gene feel when he puts on Finny's pink shirt?
He feels confident like Finny.
What does Dr. Stanpole tell Gene about Finny and Sports?
Finny can not play sports anymore.
What does Finny apologize to Gene for?
He thought that he pushed him.
Why doesn't Gene tell Finny what he intended to tell him?
The doctor comes in.
Describe Finny's response when Gene admits he caused Finny's accident.
Finny denies it.
What does Gene realize he is doing to Finny by admitting the truth?
Hurting him
What is Gene determined to do when Finny returns to Devon?
Show him full support.
Why does Gene hit Quackenbush?
He's defending Finny.
Why is Finny relieved to find that he and Gene will still be roommates?
They will still be friends.
What directive does Finny give Gene about playing sports?
Gene has to play sports for him.
After hearing Finny's directive to him, what does Gene feel his purpose is?
To become a part of Finny.
What does Brinker accuse Gene of having done in regard to choosing Finny as a roomate?
He thinks Gene is trying to get a room to himself.
Describe how Gene manages to maintain control when he is accused in the Butt Room.
He shifts the focus onto "Sherlock".
When gene is recounting the series of "crimes" he ahs commited against Finny, what words could he not say?
That he pushed him.
How does Gene shift the attention from himself?
He makes fun of the kid asking the questions.
What is Gene's reaction to Brinker's announcement that he will be enlisting?
What decision does Gene make?
He doesn't want him to.
He will enlist too.
What effect does Finny's return have on Gene's plan?
He feels guilty.
What does Gene realize about Finny's reaction to the thought of him enlisting?
He doesn't want him to go.
What are Finny's conclusions about the war?
He thinks it's all fake and made up.
What does Gene reveal later about his army career?
He never went into the war.
How does Gene react to leper's use of the word "psycho"?
He thinks its awful and sick
How does Gene react to the gory details of Lepers story?
It doesnt matter to him