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  1. What are three ways in which the structure of RNA differs from the structure of DNA?
  2. What is a Nonsense mutation?
  3. In order to carry out its job, DNA must?
  4. What is Substitution?
  5. How is DNA different from RNA?
  1. a 1) RNA is single stranded while DNA has a double helix
    2) RNA has uracil while DNA has thymine
    3) RNA has a ribose base while DNA has a deoxyribose base
  2. b 1) replicate itself
    2) be durable; strong structure
    3) carry information to code for proteins
    4) contain organic substances
  3. c DNA has thymine but RNA doesn't; while RNA has uracil but DNA doesn't
  4. d When one base is substituted for another
  5. e When a substitution changes the amino acid to a stop codon

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  1. Twisting of the DNA - flipped or switched around
  2. 1) a phosphate
    2) a deoxyribose sugar
    3) Nitrogen bases (Adonine, Guanine, Cytosine & Thymine)
  3. Because like a zipper being held together by the teeth, the two chains of nucleotides are held together by nitrogenous bases
  4. A Swiss physician who identified DNA; thought it was a simple molecule containing only four parts
  5. The process of making RNA from DNA

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  1. How many anti-codons can be in a codon?Only one


  2. What is replication?The production of a new copy of an organism's genetic information which is passed on to a new cell


  3. Define Nitrogenous Base?Adonine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine


  4. Where does translation take place?In the ribosomes in the cytoplasm


  5. How many types of amino acids are there?Only one