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  1. Define Nucleotides?
  2. What are three types of RNA?
  3. Describe the genetic mutation - inversion?
  4. What genetic mutation does Sickle Cell Anemia have?
  5. What is a Silence mutation?
  1. a 1) Messanger RNA - mRNA
    2) Transfer RNA - tRNA
    3) Ribosomal RNA - rRNA
  2. b building units composed of DNA. Consists of the four base groups, a deoxyribose sugar and a phosphate group
  3. c Base substitution or Adding bases
  4. d When a substitution doesn't change the amino acid
  5. e Twisting of the DNA - flipped or switched around

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  1. 1) separation of the strands
    2) base pairing
    3) bonding of the bases
    4) results of replication
  2. AGU; GAU; AAU
  3. The process of making RNA from DNA
  4. When one base is substituted for another
  5. Only one

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  1. Who were Watson and Crick?Scientists who made models of molecules with structures to fit the data that Rosalind Franklin had discovered


  2. Why is the structure of a DNA molecule described as a zipper?1) a phosphate
    2) a deoxyribose sugar
    3) Nitrogen bases (Adonine, Guanine, Cytosine & Thymine)


  3. What does Transfer RNA do?Transcribes information from the DNA in the nucleus and carries it to the cytoplasm, and then to the ribosome


  4. What is Insertion?When an extra base is inserted


  5. Where does translation take place?In the ribosomes in the cytoplasm