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  1. What is a Missense mutation?
  2. Who was Johann Miescher?
  3. RNA transcription is similar to what process in DNA?
  4. List the steps of copying DNA?
  5. What is a Silence mutation?
  1. a A Swiss physician who identified DNA; thought it was a simple molecule containing only four parts
  2. b When a substitution doesn't change the amino acid
  3. c DNA replication
  4. d 1) separation of the strands
    2) base pairing
    3) bonding of the bases
    4) results of replication
  5. e When a substitution changes the amino acid

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  1. 1) replicate itself
    2) be durable; strong structure
    3) carry information to code for proteins
    4) contain organic substances
  2. A scientist who studied material in dead bacteria; came to the conclusion that you could change harmless bacteria to harmful bacteria
  3. Deletion, Insertion and Substitution
  4. The process by which enzymes in the nucleus make an RNA copy of a portion of a DNA strand
  5. Adonine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine

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  1. What is translation?The process of converting information in a sequence of nitrogenous bases in mRNA into a sequence of amino acids in proteins


  2. What was Hershey and Chase?Science lab on Long Island; used radioactively labeled viruses made of only protein and DNA; the viruses infected the bacteria and only transferred the DNA; concluded that genetic material in the viruses was DNA


  3. Describe the genetic mutation - inversion?Twisting of the DNA - flipped or switched around


  4. Define Nucleotides?building units composed of DNA. Consists of the four base groups, a deoxyribose sugar and a phosphate group


  5. Define Phosphate Group?A group composed of one phosphorus atom surrounded by four oxygen atoms