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  1. umbilicus
  2. distal
  3. hypogastric
  4. cells
  5. thermal absorption
  1. a a property of water that allows water to absorb large amounts of energy
  2. b area below the gastrointestinal cavity
  3. c fifth hierarchy of complexity
  4. d gastrointestinal cavity
  5. e farthest point of attachment

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  1. proton acceptor with a pH greater than 7
  2. Right and left sides next to the epigastric region
  3. area above the gastrointestinal cavity
  4. Right and left sides next to the hypogastric region
  5. third hierarchy of complexity

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  1. frontalclosest point of attachment


  2. inferiortowards the feet


  3. proximaldivides the body in anterior and posterior halves


  4. lateralaway from midline


  5. anteriorfront of the body