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  1. glucose
  2. distal
  3. chemically reactive
  4. iliac
  5. Telophase
  1. a farthest point of attachment
  2. b Right and left sides next to the hypogastric region
  3. c sugar made up of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen
  4. d a property of water that allows for self-ionization
  5. e fourth stage of mitosis where 2 new daughter cells are formed

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  1. a property of water that allows water to absorb large amounts of energy
  2. a table indicating the acidity or alkaline of a substance
  3. fourth hierarchy of complexity
  4. back of the body
  5. front of the body

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  1. prophasefirst phase of mitosis


  2. triglycerides3 fatty acids attached to glycerol


  3. midsagittaldivides body into left and right halves


  4. cohesiona property of water that allows water to bond with other elements


  5. lumbaraway from midline