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  1. superior
  2. thermal absorption
  3. Anaphase
  4. Organism
  5. epigastric
  1. a third stage of mitosis, formation of spindols that begin to pull chromatins apart
  2. b first hierarchy of complexity
  3. c area above the gastrointestinal cavity
  4. d a property of water that allows water to absorb large amounts of energy
  5. e towards the trunk or head

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  1. gastrointestinal cavity
  2. a property of water that allows for self-ionization
  3. area below the gastrointestinal cavity
  4. Right and left sides next to the epigastric region
  5. front of the body

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  1. lipidsfatty acids (phospholipids, cholesterol, eiconasoids


  2. sagittaldivides body into left and right halves


  3. medialfarthest point of attachment


  4. iliactowards the midline


  5. cohesiona property of water that allows water to bond with like elements (oxygen, hydrogen)