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  1. Ion
  2. Adhesion
  3. Isotopes
  4. Chemical Bonds
  5. Fourth shell of an atom can contain how many electrons?
  1. a 18
  2. b One of several atomic forms of an element, each with teh same number of protons but different number of neutrons.
  3. c The attraction between different kinds of molecules.
  4. d An attraction between two atoms resulting from a sharing of outer-shell electrons or the presence of opposite charges on the atoms. The bonded atoms gain complete outer electron shells.
  5. e An atom or group of atoms that has gained or lost one or more electrongs, thus acquiring a charge.

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  1. A solution in which water is the solvent.
  2. Anything that occupies space and has mass.
  3. A subatomic particle with a single positive electrical charge, found in the nucleus of an atom.
  4. An ending material in a chemical reaction.
  5. The sum of the number of protons and neutrons in an atom's nucleus.

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  1. BaseA substance that decreases the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution. 14 is a strong base on the pH scale.


  2. Atomic NumberThe number of protons in each atom of a particular element.


  3. Second shell of an atom can contain how many electrons?18


  4. ElectronA subatomic particle with a single negative electrical charge. One or more electrons move around the nuclues of an atom.


  5. SolventThe dissolving agent of a solution. Water is the most versatile solvent known.


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