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Visual aid in identifying gram positive bacteria


Gram-positive cocci, grape-like clusters, nonspore forming, nonmotile, catalase -


Spherical gram-positive bacteria occurring in pairs or chains


Large, gram-positive cocci, aerobic, weakly catalase -, pairs, tetrads, clusters, non-motile

Streptococcus pneumoniae

Gram-positive diplococci, catalase -, alpha hemolytic, encapsulated


Gram-positive, catalase - , nonspore forming, definitive test is growth in 6.5% NaCl


Gram-positive bacteria, occur in coccoid, club, and rod forms. Occur singly in pallisades or parallel cells and in angular clusters. Faculative anaerobes.


Small, gram-positive coccobacilli in pairs. Tumbling motility at 25, non-motile at 37, facultative anaerobes, catalase +, oxidase -, facultative intracellular.


Gram-positive bacilli, catalase and oxidative negative, non-motile, and non-spore forming. Tend to form long, unbranched filaments.


Gram-positive rods, nonmotile, nonencapsulated, all species have a thick cell wall that stains with acid-fast stain


Pleomorphic, non-motile, rods or coccoid, facutlative anaerobes, or aerotolerant, generate propionic acid and acetic acid and CO2 on skin and digestive tracts of animals


large 10um, gram-positive, endospore producing rods. Widely distributed throughout because of their highly resistant endospores, most are non-pathogenic


Anaerobic, gram-positive, rod shaped, strictly fermentative, most are saprophytes, spores former


Gram positive thin-branching filaments rods with clubbed ends (Actinomycetes) Facultative anaerobe but culture specimens anaerobically


Catalase-positive, extracellular pathogens, found in soil. pleomorphic, extremely long. slow growing., obligate aerobes. partial acid-fast bacilli.


aerotolerant, non-sporing, gram-positive rods. They ferment simple carbohydrates to lactic acid.

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