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Percent error
Error = Actual-Observed/Actual x 100
Earth's rotation rate
15 degrees = 1 hour
Earth's approximate rate of revolution around the sun
1 degree per day
What is the time in NYC when it is noon in Denver?
2 pm
At which New York State location would an observer measure the highest altitude of Polaris?
Which two elements make up the greatest percentages by mass in Earth's crust?
Oxygen and silicon
Which type of land surface would probably absorb the most incoming solar radiation?
Dark colored and rough
Which process is responsible for the greatest loss of energy from Earth's surface into space on a clear night?
Which type of radiation from Earth is the long-wave radiation absorbed by greenhouse gases?
During which phase change does water release the most heat energy
When a heat source loses energy, that energy is
Absorbed by a heat sink
An insulated cup contains 200 ml of water at 20 degrees C. When 100 grams of ice is added to the water, heat energy will most likely flow from the
Water to the ice, and the temperature of the mixture will drop below 20 degrees C
A material that reduces heat flow through the walls and ceiling of a home is called a:
What is the primary method of heat transfer through solid rock during contact with molten magma?
What best explains why in early spring, ice remains longer on Lake Erie than on the surrounding land areas when the air temperature is above freezing?
Water has a higher specific heat than land
Adding salt to ice
Melts the ice by releasing heat from the water
How much energy is required to raise the temperature of 10 grams grams of granite from 20 degrees C to 30 degrees C?
79 J
Which has in Earth's upper atmosphere is beneficial to humans because it absorbs large amounts of ultraviolet radiation
Increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmospheric temperature because the carbon dioxide absorbs
Outgoing terrestrial infrared radiation
Carbon dioxide and methane are excellent absorbers of
Infrared radiatiin
The primary function of clear glass of the greenhouse is to
Allow short wavelengths of radiation to enter but reduce the amount of long wave radiation that escapes
Under identical conditions __________ will have the highest albedo
A glacial ice sheey
What is the usual cause of the drop in temperature that occurs between sunset and sunrise at most Kansas locations?
Ground radiation
An increase in what gas in Earth's atmosphere will most significantly increase global temperatures?
In a clear summer day, the surface of land is usually warmer than the surface of a nearby body of water because the water
Has a higher specific heat
The shortest wavelength of electromagnetic radiation
Gamma rays
Specific heat formula
Heat=mass x latent heat of vaporization