25 terms


____are values in cells you can change to determine new values for formulas.
The __ command on the shortcut menu allows you to insert rows between rows that already contain data.
Drag and drop
Using the mouse to move or copy cells is called____.
Excel displays the error message ____ to indicate a cell reference error.
Excel allows you to __ titles, so that Excel displays the titles on the screen, no matter how far down you scroll.
Date stamp
The__ is used to show the date in a workbook.
Absolute cell reference
A formula using ___ instructs Excel to keep the cell reference constant as it is copied to other cells.
If Function
The __ is a useful function when you want to assign a value to a cell based on a logical test.
Drawing tool bar chart
The __ provides tools that can simplify adding lines, boxes and other geometric figures.
pie chart
A __ is a type of chart used to show the relationship or porportion of parts to a whole, with each slice representing what percent that slice contributes to the whole.
chart sheet
A chart can reside on a separate sheet, called a (n) __, which contains only the chart.
catergory names
The names that identify the slices of a pie chart are called___.
data series
The entries that determine the size of the slices in a pie chart are called____.
chart title
In step 3 of 4 in the chart wizard, the chart title is entered in the ___ text box.
When working with a large worksheet, the Excel window can be __ into two or four window panes to view different parts of the worksheet at the same time.
__portions of a workbook lets you show only the parts of the workbook that the user needs to see.
A cell name is created through the use of the __ command.
Excel's _ function is used to determine a monthly payment using the interest rate, the periods or number of payments and the loan amount.
data table
A __ is a range of cells tha shows the answers generated by formulas in which different values have been substituted.
The _ command on the data menu is uded to define a range of cells as a data table.
Amortization schedule
A ____shows the beginning and ending balances and amount of payment that applies to the principal and interest for each year over the life of the loan.
A__ is a series of fixed payments at a fixed interest rate.
PV Function
The __ function returns the present value of an annuity.
Unprotected cell
_________ are cells whose values you can change at any time.
protected cells
___________ cells are cells that you cannot change.