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Political Geography

Study of the political organization of the world


politically organized territory and a population defined territory and government


"the attempt by an individual or group to affect,influence, or control people phenomennon relationships, by delimiting& asserting control over geographic area


Right of a state to deffend sovern territory againts another state

Territorial Intergrity

Right of a state to defend sovergn territory againts incurrsion from other states

Peace of Westphala

Treaties constituted this peace and concluded Europe's most destructuve internal struggle over religion


General sense associated with the promotion of commercialism trade, Protectioinost policy of European states in 16th&18th century


Culturally defined group of people with a shared past and common future who relate to a territory and government


Politically organized area nation and state occupy the same plae


Idea that people, natin, have ultimate say over what happens within the state

Multinational state

One or more the one nation in a border

Multistate nation

Nation stretches across borders and scorss state

Stateless nation

Another complication that arises from the lack of fit between nations and state is that some nations do not have a state


Imperial powers exercised ruthless control over their domains& organized them for maximum economic expolitation


Means that in the world economy people, corperations, states produce goods and exchange them on a world market with the goal of schieving profit


The process of placing a price on goods then buying selling trading goods


Process incorporate higher levels of educatin and salaries and technology


Incorporates lower slaries and less technology


Core and periphery processes are both occuring


Context of political power infulene each other states ar achieve its goals through diplomatic econmic& militaristic


Forces that instate unify people


Forces divide

Federal organization

state territory into region, substates, province or state


Movement of power from the central government to regional goernments within state

Territoral respiration

House of Representitives elected from a territorially defines district


ten districts, majority white


Packed districts majority of population from minority


"redistricting for advantage:


Vertical plane cuts through rocks below airspace above

Geometrical Boundries

drawn using grid systems as latitude or longtitude township, range, political

Physical Poltical

boundries agreed upon feature in physical geographic landscape

Heartland Theory

Theory was little to foretell the rise of a super power in the heartland

Critical Geopolitics

Intellectuals of state craft with constant ideas about place, and ideas that reinforcce political behaviors


U.S. position of a hard power dominance with allies rather the U.S, joining

Supranational Ogranization

Seperate enitity compound of three or more sates forge an association form an adminisrtative for mutual benefit

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