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  1. vertebra
  2. CPU
  3. name, page number, date in the second page heading
  4. stamped or metered
  5. CD-RW or DVD-RW
  1. a back bone
  2. b You should do this (include) when you are typing a business letter that is more than one page?
  3. c erasable, recordable device, enables you to write onto it in multiple sessions.
  4. d central processing unit, or the 'brain' of the system
  5. e Mail can either be this or that (2 things)

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  1. answer each line ASAP—by the third ring
  2. -emergency situation
    -another physician
    -critical lab results
    -hospital calling for orders
    -pt requesting test results
    -pt required medical advice
    -3rd party requesting information about a patient
  3. The diaphragm lies ______ to the organs in the thoracic cavity.
  4. When answering the office phone, you should use this type of voice?
  5. plane dividing the body into upper and lower portions

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  1. chondr/oneck


  2. facsimilenear the point of attachment to the trunk or near the beginning of a structure


  3. addresspertaining to the back of the body


  4. CD-ROM or DVD-ROMSoftware disks are available on these depending on the size of the program (2 things)


  5. superiorfront surface of the body