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  1. output
  2. inter-
  3. inferior
  4. stamped or metered
  5. two
  1. a Mail can either be this or that (2 things)
  2. b What the computer produces after information is processed, revised, and printed out
  3. c The number of choices for appointment times you give to patients?
  4. d between
  5. e below another structure

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  1. neck
  2. A display of available functions
  3. pertaining to the tailbone, coccyx
  4. on the surface of the body
  5. back bone

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  1. crani/oneck


  2. vertebralpertaining to the vertebra, backbone


  3. medialpertaining to


  4. superiorlying on the back (face up, palms up)


  5. TDDThe number of times you should try to converse before you hang up when answering the phone