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  1. sarc/o
  2. cervical
  3. test results
  4. place unopened mail on office managers or doctors desk
  5. answering multi phone lines
  1. a -ask first patient if they can hold
    -answer second call...determine if it is an emergency...
    -place them on hold
    -finish with first call before returning to second call
  2. b region of the neck
  3. c flesh
  4. d Doctor usually needs to sign off on them before they are released.
  5. e This is what you do when mail is marked personal and confidential?

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  1. opposite of proximal
  2. answer each line ASAP—by the third ring
  3. -speakerphones cameras, connection devices, and television monitors are networked together so that everyone can see and hear each other at the same time
  4. The number of times you should try to converse before you hang up when answering the phone
  5. Your office should have this to ensure that office computer programs and data are always stored in another location

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  1. punctuation, proper grammar, spellingbe sure to include patient name, parent's name when appropriate, reason for visit, provider to be seen, date, time, and current phone number


  2. floppy diska thin magnetic storage device made of flexible plastic.


  3. fixed matrixnothing should be scheduled in a time slot that has this?


  4. inguin/odata transferred from keyboard or the floppy disk to the machine


  5. maintaining phone log-best time to return call
    -what the call is regarding
    -name and number of caller