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  1. information sheets
  2. sacral
  3. immediately routed calls to physician
  4. CPU
  5. single-booking
  1. a central processing unit, or the 'brain' of the system
  2. b Specific written instructions regarding the examinations and diagnostic tests performed in your office
  3. c region of the sacrum
  4. d -emergency situation
    -another physician
    -critical lab results
    -hospital calling for orders
    -pt requesting test results
    -pt required medical advice
    -3rd party requesting information about a patient
  5. e Used when the patient's appointment will take a considerable amount of time

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  1. a thin magnetic storage device made of flexible plastic.
  2. You should do this when processing telephone messages?
  3. a letter written by a physician to a licensing board is considered this type of letter
  4. pertaining to lengthwise
  5. Keeps a continuous flow of patients coming in thorugh the facility and to avoid having alternating periods of idelness and crowding

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  1. back up policyYour office should have this to ensure that office computer programs and data are always stored in another location


  2. outputAt times, you may need to use this (a device that allows you to comunicate with the hearing imparied patient by typing messages) in order to schedule an appointment


  3. inter-between


  4. superficialon the surface of the body


  5. cranial, thoracic, abdominal, pelvic, spinalwhat are the 5 cavities of the back?