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  1. cervical
  2. cephalic
  3. inter-
  4. superior
  5. single-booking
  1. a region of the neck
  2. b pertaining to the head
  3. c Used when the patient's appointment will take a considerable amount of time
  4. d between
  5. e above another structure

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  1. The number of times you should try to converse before you hang up when answering the phone
  2. pertaining to the tailbone, coccyx
  3. the readable paper copy or printout of information
  4. The ___ end of the humerus is at the shoulder
  5. full of, pertaining to sugar

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  1. lumbarThe diaphragm lies ______ to the organs in the thoracic cavity.


  2. TDDAt times, you may need to use this (a device that allows you to comunicate with the hearing imparied patient by typing messages) in order to schedule an appointment


  3. -ealpertaining to


  4. proofreadlying on the belly


  5. lateralpertaining to