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  1. two
  2. cranial, thoracic, abdominal, pelvic, spinal
  3. hard copy
  4. hypo-
  5. chondr/o
  1. a cartilage
  2. b The number of times you should try to converse before you hang up when answering the phone
  3. c what are the 5 cavities of the body?
  4. d below, deficient
  5. e the readable paper copy or printout of information

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  1. -best time to return call
    -what the call is regarding
    -name and number of caller
  2. Mail can either be this or that (2 things)
  3. neck
  4. region of the waist
  5. region of the neck

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  1. superiorThe liver lies ______ to the intestines


  2. vertebraback bone


  3. inguin/oskull


  4. caudalThe diaphragm lies ______ to the organs in the thoracic cavity.


  5. viscer/ointernal organs


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