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  1. clustering
  2. clear, distinct voice
  3. distal
  4. crani/o
  1. a When answering the office phone, you should use this type of voice?
  2. b opposite of proximal
  3. c Many patients can be provided with the necessary preparations, be examined by the physician, and have appointments completed quickly
  4. d skull

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  1. a practical way to inform employees about the schedule and enforce the established guidelines for office hours?
  2. lying on the belly
  3. Plan that divides the body into right and left portions
  4. a device that can read text or illustrations printed on paper and translate them into electronic files that can be stored, displayed on a screen or used by other programs?
  5. opposite of deep

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  1. immediately routed calls to physician-emergency situation
    -another physician
    -critical lab results
    -hospital calling for orders
    -pt requesting test results
    -pt required medical advice
    -3rd party requesting information about a patient


  2. lateralPertaining to the side


  3. superiorbelow another structure


  4. vertebralThe left lung lies _____ to the heart


  5. pelviccavity surrounded by the hip bone