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  1. sacr/o
  2. single-booking
  3. test results
  4. cc
  5. information sheets
  1. a Used when the patient's appointment will take a considerable amount of time
  2. b Doctor usually needs to sign off on them before they are released.
  3. c Specific written instructions regarding the examinations and diagnostic tests performed in your office
  4. d means carbon copies have been sent to disclosed individuals
  5. e sacrum

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  1. Computer programs neessary to direct the hardware of a computer system to perform specific tasks
  2. The USPS uses this and bar code sorters to read the addresses on envelopes you mail
  3. If a call is taking longer than exprected, place the caller on hold or ask if you can call them back.
  4. -emergency situation
    -another physician
    -critical lab results
    -hospital calling for orders
    -pt requesting test results
    -pt required medical advice
    -3rd party requesting information about a patient
  5. pertaining to the back of the body

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  1. inter-up, apart


  2. transferring calls-Listen quietly and take notes
    -Caller must give consent


  3. proofreadIf you use spell check, you still must do this before sending the letter


  4. sagittalfar from the point of attachment to the trunk or far from the beginning of a structure


  5. CPUmeans carbon copies have been sent to disclosed individuals


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