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  1. hypo-
  2. CD-ROM
  3. thoracic
  4. answering phones
  5. hard disk
  1. a cavity in the chest surrounded by the ribs
  2. b Indicates the computer is capable of playing compact disks
  3. c the main storage component for a computer; and oxide-coated metal platter sealed in a housing to ensure dust free operation
  4. d answer each line ASAP—by the third ring
  5. e below, deficient

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  1. above, upon
  2. pertaining to the tailbone, coccyx
  3. region of the neck
  4. far from the point of attachment to the trunk or far from the beginning of a structure
  5. Your office should have this to ensure that office computer programs and data are always stored in another location

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  1. make sure you answer calls in order of importanceYou are obtaining telephone messages from the answering service or machine...this is why you prioritize them?


  2. liabilityThe reason why ALL calls should be documented


  3. proximalnear the point of attachment to the trunk or near the beginning of a structure


  4. teleconferencing-speakerphones cameras, connection devices, and television monitors are networked together so that everyone can see and hear each other at the same time


  5. sagittalpertaining to lengthwise