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  1. superficial
  2. -ose
  3. distal
  4. make sure you answer calls in order of importance
  5. CD-R or DVD-R
  1. a can only record data once and then the data becomes permanent on the disc
  2. b full of, pertaining to sugar
  3. c opposite of proximal
  4. d opposite of deep
  5. e You are obtaining telephone messages from the answering service or machine...this is why you prioritize them?

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  1. chest
  2. a practical way to inform employees about the schedule and enforce the established guidelines for office hours?
  3. When first class mail is over 12 oz, it is considered this?
  4. written communication is less ____ due to the advent of computers
  5. above, upon

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  1. sacralpertaining to the tail, lower part of body


  2. to easily get in touch with pt if neededbe sure to include patient name, parent's name when appropriate, reason for visit, provider to be seen, date, time, and current phone number


  3. coccygealpertaining to the back of the body


  4. superiorThe liver lies ______ to the intestines


  5. twoaway from the surface of the body