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  1. conceit
  2. compromise
  3. compensatory
  4. compunction
  5. compact
  1. a whimsical idea; extravagant metaphor
    He was an entertaining companion, always expressing himself in amusing conceits and witty turns of
  2. b adjust; endanger the interests or reputation of
    Your presence at the scene of the dispute compromises our claim to neutrality in this matter.
  3. c remorse
    The judge was especially severe in this sentencing because he felt that the criminal had shown no
    compunction for his heinous crime.
  4. d agreement; contract
    The signers of the Mayflower Compact were establishing a form of government.
  5. e making up for; repaying
    Can a compensatory education program make up for the inadequate schooling he received in earlier years?

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  1. admit; hield
    Despite all the evidence Monica had assembled, Mark refused to concede that she was right.
  2. hollow
    The back-packers found partial shelter from the storm by huddling against the concave wall of the cliff.
  3. an act of yielding
    Before they could reach an agreement, both sides had to make certain concessions.
  4. overlook; forgive; give tacit approval; excuse
    Unlike Widow Douglass, who condoned Huck's minor offenses, Miss Watson did nothing but scold.
  5. thorough; inclusive
    This book provides a comprehensive review of verbal and math skills for the SAT.

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  1. condimentsadequate; deservedly severe
    The public approved the condign punishment for the crime.


  2. conducivedecisive; ending all debate
    When the stolen books turned up in John's locker, we finally had conclusive evidence of the identity of the
    mysterious thief.


  3. condignadequate; deservedly severe
    The public approved the condign punishment for the crime.


  4. composuremental calmness
    Even the latest work crisis failed to shake her composure.


  5. computereckon; calculate
    He failed to compute the interest, so his bank balance was not accurate.


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