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  1. comely
  2. concerted
  3. compunction
  4. conciliatory
  5. compact
  1. a attractive; agreeable
    I would rather have a poor and comely wife than a rich and homely one.
  2. b remorse
    The judge was especially severe in this sentencing because he felt that the criminal had shown no
    compunction for his heinous crime.
  3. c agreement; contract
    The signers of the Mayflower Compact were establishing a form of government.
  4. d reconciling; soothing
    She was still angry despite his conciliatory words.
  5. e mutually agreed on; done together
    The girl scouts in the troop made a concerted effort to raise funds for their annual outing, and emitted a
    concerted sigh when their leader announced that they had reached their goal.

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  1. mental calmness
    Even the latest work crisis failed to shake her composure.
  2. happening at the same time
    In America, the colonists were resisting the demands of the mother contry; at the concurrent moment in
    France, the middle class was sowing the seeds of rebellion.
  3. having a common center
    The target was made of concentric circles.
  4. participation; involvement
    You cannot keep your complicity in this affair secret very long; you would be wise to admit your
    involvement immediately.
  5. bestow courtesies with a superior air
    The king condescended to grant an audience to the friends of the condemned man.

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  1. concedehollow
    The back-packers found partial shelter from the storm by huddling against the concave wall of the cliff.


  2. condignadequate; deservedly severe
    The public approved the condign punishment for the crime.


  3. communalheld in common; of a group of people
    When they were divorced, they had trouble dividing their communal property.


  4. comprehensivethorough; inclusive
    This book provides a comprehensive review of verbal and math skills for the SAT.


  5. comestibleeasily burned
    After the recent outbreak of fires in private homes, the fire commissioner ordered that all combustible
    materials be kept in safe containers.