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  1. loath
  2. reverberating
  3. obsolescence
  4. venom
  5. privation
  1. a unwilling, reluctant, disinclined
  2. b lack of comforts or necessities; poverty
  3. c process of wearing out, the process of becoming obsolete
  4. d malice, angry, poisonous
  5. e reechoing, resounding, vibrate in sound

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  1. immediately, without delay or hesitation
  2. unable to be calmed down or made peaceful, unrelenting
  3. to be in favor of, to support
  4. advance notice, something that indicates what is to come
  5. wise in a clever or practical way

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  1. ineffectualunable to bring about a desired result; inadequate


  2. scrutinizeexamine closely, to look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail


  3. besiegean interval of relief, delay, a period of relief or rest


  4. emaciatedto be in favor of, to support


  5. stymiea sudden or abrupt strong increase