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a basic unit of living matter separated from its environment by a plasma membrane


a giant molecule in a living organism: a protein, polysaccharide, or nucleic acid


a substance that cannot be broken down to other substances by chemical means. Scientists recognize 92 chemical elements occurring in nature


a substance containing two or more elements in a fixed ratio; an example table salt

structure of atoms

A nucleus, and electron rings


the center of an atom, contains protons and nuetrons


positively charged subatomic particle


negatively charged subatomic particle(smallest thing possible)


neutrally charged subatomic particle

ionic bonds

the transfer of electrons from one atom to another

covalent bonds

the sharing of electrons with 2 or more


earth's solvent for life, most common substance on earth, without it we would be dead, earth is habitable because of water

structure of water

2 hydrogens(positive) 1 oxygen(negative)


the attraction between molecules of the same kind

aqueous solution

when water is the solvent, it is an aqueous solution


the solid in a solution


the liquid in a solution

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