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de Tocqueville's notable visit to the United States was prompted by the desire to study

there is a distinctive and patterned way of thinking about political and economic life

A political culture exists where

the availability of land

Some have argued that democracy flourished early in America because of

their rights

The text suggests Americans are "preoccupied" with

U.S. political culture

Liberty and individual responsibility are two key elements of

Race relations

What was the Swedish sociologists Gunnar Myrdal referring to when he spoke of "America's dilemma"?

many political values are irrelevant to specific controversies

Political conflict can occur over specific policies even among those who share common beliefs. One reason for this is that

Economic as opposed to political inequality

Which of the following are Americans more likely to tolerate?


In American political culture, the ____ view of social policy is by far the most popular.

the United States

The citizens of ____ are least likely to think that success in life is determined by forces outside our control.

are more deferential than participatory in their politics

The text argues that the democratic political culture of Sweden differs from that of the United States because the Swedes

the United States

A classic study found that citizens of ____ had the highest sense of civic duty.

None of the above

Which of the following statements concerning attitudes and opinions expressed by Americans in surveys is incorrect?

the government ensures that it is so

There is, in fact, less income inequality in Sweden than in America because

All of the above

Compared with the average European, the average American is more likely to

the Pledge of Allegiance

The relevance and potential impact of religion in American politics were evident in 2002 when a federal court issued a controversial ruling regarding

religious beliefs

The distrust of political authority so evident in American political culture has its basis in

democracy could survive a change of ruling parties

Early competition between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans ended by establishing the principle that


Who explained the rise of capitalism in terms of religious beliefs and the community involvement of individuals?

were organized much like a political system

Churches in the United States were important in the development of a sense of civic duty and civic competence because they

the family

The most important source of political values in the United States is probably

large measure of equality among American family members

One aspect of the American family that contributes to the way Americans regard their political system is the

Horatio Alger

Tales of youngsters who started out poor but became rich by determination and hard work are associated with the writings of

Drug use, school prayer, abortion

Which of the following groups of issues does the text refer to as areas of conflict in the culture war?

fundamentalist Protestants

Most conspicuous among the orthodox are

what kind of country we ought to live in

The culture war is about


Alan Abramowitz suggests that the culture war might be more real than imagined because people are increasingly choosing their party affiliation on the basis of

they are talking about government officials, not the system of government

Although the proportion of people who say they trust the government in Washington to do the right thing has steadily declined since the 1950's, it should be remembered that

Both A and B

In thinking about trends in popular trust of government, it is important to consider that

fairly low

The percentage of Americans who say that they have a lot of confidence in Congress is typically

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