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  1. nostalgia
  2. grandiose
  3. (to) profess
  4. sacrosanct
  5. incipient
  1. a to declare, to claim
  2. b emerging, budding, beginning, in the early stages
  3. c absurdly exaggerated, over-blown, pretentious, or referring to an unrealistic sense of gradeur
  4. d sacred
  5. e longing for the past, a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period

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  1. to zeal, ardor, impassioned enthusiasm, intensity of feeling
  2. charmingly simple, naturally peaceful, having rustic charm
  3. to instigate, to stir up, to promote
  4. to honor, to highly respect, to venerate, to regard with awe
  5. to mourn, to feel or express sorrow over, to grieve

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  1. reconditehard to understand, over one's head, esoteric


  2. (to) gesticulateto incite, to provoke, to stir up, to initiate, to provide the catalyst the begins something


  3. tantamountequivalent or equal


  4. (an) amenityto instigate, to stir up, to promote


  5. rapaciousbeing habitually silent, having a quiet nature, being uncommunicative


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