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  1. supercilious
  2. nostalgia
  3. (to) corrborate
  4. (to) sequester
  5. (to) instigate
  1. a haughty, patronizing, contemptuous
  2. b to confirm, to back up with evidence, to validate, to authenticate
  3. c to set apart, to seclude or isolate
  4. d to incite, to provoke, to stir up, to initiate, to provide the catalyst the begins something
  5. e longing for the past, a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period

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  1. reserved, cautious as to what is spoken or shared, unobtrusive, not blatant
  2. equivalent or equal
  3. fleeting, happening for only the briefest period of time
  4. hard to understand, over one's head, esoteric
  5. charmingly simple, naturally peaceful, having rustic charm

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  1. fervorto zeal, ardor, impassioned enthusiasm, intensity of feeling


  2. incipienttreason or to actions or speech designed to create rebellion against a government


  3. (to) slanderto mourn, to feel or express sorrow over, to grieve


  4. (to be) docileto be easily manageable, to be passive and compliant, to be malleable


  5. (to) lamentto instigate, to stir up, to promote