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  1. (to) emulate
  2. paltry
  3. fervor
  4. domestic
  5. (to) lament
  1. a the home or household
  2. b to strive to equal or surpass, usually through imitation
  3. c to zeal, ardor, impassioned enthusiasm, intensity of feeling
  4. d to mourn, to feel or express sorrow over, to grieve
  5. e insignificant, ridiculously or insultingly small

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  1. to incite, to provoke, to stir up, to initiate, to provide the catalyst the begins something
  2. exalted, lofty, supreme
  3. emerging, budding, beginning, in the early stages
  4. spiteful, nasty, caustic
  5. to instigate, to stir up, to promote

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  1. (to) gesticulateto wave one's arms or hands, to make gestures


  2. idylliccharmingly simple, naturally peaceful, having rustic charm


  3. (to be) wistfulto feel yearning, to express longing


  4. tantamountequivalent or equal


  5. (to be) docileto be easily manageable, to be passive and compliant, to be malleable


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