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  1. (to) corrborate
  2. (to) sequester
  3. (to) gesticulate
  4. rapacious
  5. deduce
  1. a to wave one's arms or hands, to make gestures
  2. b plundering, voracious, having predatory hunger
  3. c to set apart, to seclude or isolate
  4. d to conclude without being directly told
  5. e to confirm, to back up with evidence, to validate, to authenticate

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  1. absurdly exaggerated, over-blown, pretentious, or referring to an unrealistic sense of gradeur
  2. equivalent or equal
  3. to feel yearning, to express longing
  4. emerging, budding, beginning, in the early stages
  5. hard to understand, over one's head, esoteric

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  1. paltrybeing habitually silent, having a quiet nature, being uncommunicative


  2. (a) sycophantone who flatters and fawns, a "yes man"


  3. supercilioushaughty, patronizing, contemptuous


  4. (to) compriseto instigate, to stir up, to promote


  5. (a) vituososomeone with mastery, who excels or has special knowledge of a field


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