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  1. sexual reproduction
  2. interphase
  3. centrioles
  4. centrosomes
  5. anaphase
  1. a does something with spindle fibers.
  2. b cell grows
  3. c the 3rd stage of meiosis or mitosis when chromosomes move toward opposite ends of the nuclear spindle
  4. d process in which genetic material from two parents combines and produces offspring that differ genetically from either parent
  5. e the two poles of the cell, the place where spindle fibers grow from.

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  1. cell division in which the nucleus divides into nuclei containing the same number of chromosomes
  2. cytoplasm splits into 2 (makes identical daughter cells)
  3. cytokinesis-splitting of cytoplasm
    mitosis splitting of nuclus
  4. protein in center of centromere and connected to microtubles to transport chromosome to opposite end of cell
  5. help pull apart the cell during replication and are made up of micrtubules

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  1. chromosomesthread like structures that have genetic info that is passed down from one generation to the next


  2. Miotic phasecell grows


  3. centromeredoes something with spindle fibers.


  4. prokaryoticdescribes a cell that does not have a nucleus or anyother membrane-covered organelles; also called bacteria.


  5. What are the phases of MitosisInterphase