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  1. What happens during telophase
  2. Cell cycle is divided in ___ parts
  3. cytokinesis in animals
  4. Stages of interphase
  5. centrosomes
  1. a the two poles of the cell, the place where spindle fibers grow from.
  2. b 2 Interphase and miotic phase
  3. c cytoplasm pinches in 1/2 and separates
  4. d cytokinesis-splitting of cytoplasm
    mitosis splitting of nuclus
  5. e G1

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  1. duplicated DNA seperates and moves to opposite sides-create 2 daughter nuclei
  2. combination of DNA and protein
    Most common form of DNA
    can't be seen
    Blueprints that are read
  3. second phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell
  4. cycle when a cell begins to divide
  5. cell division in which the nucleus divides into nuclei containing the same number of chromosomes

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  1. DNASynthesis
    genetic material duplicates


  2. prokaryoticdescribes a cell that does not have a nucleus or anyother membrane-covered organelles; also called bacteria.


  3. Cytokinesisduplicated DNA seperates and moves to opposite sides-create 2 daughter nuclei


  4. chromosomesvisible form of DNA
    Blueprint is NOT read
    Chromotin is tightly coiled


  5. Miotic phase containscycle when a cell begins to divide