APWH 25: Africa and the Atlantic World


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Songhay/Songhai Empire
Empire in sub-Saharan West Africa that replaced Mali as the dominant trading nation after the Europeans began expanding the African slave trade.
Sonni Ali
First great king of Songhay empire (1464-1492). He expanded the empire and gained control of crucial trading cities. He ruled over both Muslims and non-Muslims, and adhered to a syncretic form of African animism and Islam.
Queen Nzinga
Ndongo leader who led the resistance against Portuguese forces for nearly 40 years. Insisted on male terms and dress. Allied with Dutch mariners who traded on African coast.
Of or relating to a culture that arises from contact between two other cultures and has features of both. Applies to languages also.
Syncretic religion most prominent in Haiti. Blended traditional West African rituals and beliefs in witchcraft with Christianity.
Huge farms. Required a large labor force to grow crops. Usually grew cash crops by slave labor.