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-early America (approximately 1620)
-**Gender Frontier→ The gap/ differences in cultural expectations of gender between Native Americans and European settlers upon 1st contact
-NA women's tasks were much different than Europeans
-Indian women's tasks were centered on cultivating and processing corn, squash, peas and beans. They tended to fires and provided material culture (clothing, furniture,tools). They built houses, bore children, and mourned the dead.
-English bothered by women doing all the physical labor
-In indian culture, political power passed through the female line and often times women had the power to decide captives fate
-The english thought this made the indigenous men weak because they did not own property
-The women were in charge of adapting culture based on agricultural availability.
-The english thought their changing diet made them animalistic
-English thought they were very sexual because women were not dressed modestly and male visitors were assigned women guests to keep them company
-This was a political move by Powhatan to make the english men distracted and therefore weaker
-Smith had his men learn to fight in the woods inspired by the indians strength
-English men incorporated indian ways into their diet,military tactics, and sexual lives
-Pocahontas was made english but Smith was not equally culturally transformed
-Pocahontas marries Smith (because of an alliance/ she saved him)
-Native Americans were able to choose spouses (European women had arranged marriages)
-The indians although skeptical of guests were hospitable, but their kindness is never returned
-This was how they attempted to align, but giving gifts, and trying to make sense
-Europeans automatically looked down on them