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  1. inconsequential --
  2. frugal --
  3. transient --
  4. surreptitious --
  5. integrity --
  1. a (adj) temporary, short-lived, fleeting
  2. b (n) decency, honesty, wholeness
  3. c (adj) secret, stealthy
  4. d (adj) thrifty, cheap
  5. e (adj) unimportant, trivial

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  1. (adj) tending to provoke a response, e.g., anger or disagreement
  2. (adj) outstanding, an example to others
  3. (adj) preferring to live in isolation
  4. (adj) weakening, tiring
  5. v) to harm the reputation of, dishonor or disgrace

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  1. divergent --v) to harm the reputation of, dishonor or disgrace


  2. procrastinate --(v) to observe carefully


  3. reverence --(n) worship, profound respect


  4. digression --(n) a crowd of people, an assembly


  5. abstinence --(adj) pertaining to beauty or the arts