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  1. camaraderie --
  2. impute --
  3. prosperity --
  4. sagacity --
  5. hedonist --
  1. a (n) wealth or success
  2. b (n) wisdom
  3. c (v) to attribute an action to particular person or group
  4. d (n) trust, sociability amongst friends
  5. e (n) person who pursues pleasure as a goal

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  1. (n) misfortune, an unfavorable turn of events
  2. (n) identification with the feelings of others
  3. (adj) unimportant, trivial
  4. (adj) respected because of age
  5. (n) a crowd of people, an assembly

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  1. superficial --(adj) shallow, lacking in depth


  2. incompatible --(adj) opposed in nature, not able to live or work together


  3. abbreviate --(v) to shorten, abridge


  4. jubilation --(n) joy, celebration, exultation


  5. exasperation --(n) a crowd of people, an assembly