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  1. reconciliation --
  2. spontaneity --
  3. digression --
  4. renovation --
  5. abbreviate --
  1. a (n) the act of agreement after a quarrel, the resolution of a dispute
  2. b (n) impulsive action, unplanned events
  3. c (n) the act of turning aside, straying from the main point, esp. in a speech or argument
  4. d (v) to shorten, abridge
  5. e (n) repair, making something new again

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  1. (adj) rash, impulsive, acting without thinking
  2. (adj) outstanding, an example to others
  3. (v) to imitate, follow an example
  4. (v) to end an activity, e.g., to prevent the dissemination of information
  5. (n) decency, honesty, wholeness

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  1. compromise --(n) sympathy, helpfulness or mercy


  2. vindicate --(v) to attribute an action to particular person or group


  3. convergence --(n) worship, profound respect


  4. asylum --(n) sanctuary, shelter, place of refuge


  5. orator --(n) apprentice, beginner