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  1. adulation --
  2. venerable --
  3. lobbyist --
  4. disdain --
  5. censure --
  1. a (n) person who seeks to influence political events
  2. b (v) to regard with scorn or contempt
  3. c (n) high praise
  4. d (v) to criticize harshly
  5. e (adj) respected because of age

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  1. (n) leader, rabble-rouser, usually appealing to emotion or prejudice
  2. (adj) pretending to be important, intelligent or cultured
  3. (v) to end an activity, e.g., to prevent the dissemination of information
  4. (n) trust, sociability amongst friends
  5. (n) wisdom

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  1. abstinence --(n) the act of refraining from pleasurable activity, e.g., eating or drinking


  2. superficial --(adj) shallow, lacking in depth


  3. compassion --(v) to settle a dispute by terms agreeable to both sides


  4. anonymous --(adj) nameless, without a disclosed identity


  5. substantiate --(n) impulsive action, unplanned events