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Serafina and the Black Cloak Final Exam

Seraphina and the Black Cloak By: Robert Beatty If you haven't read the book you'll have no idea what i'm talking about! I recommend this book! SO GOOD!!!! *Also Spoilers

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She is 12 years old, the Chief Rat Catcher, She is the Guardian and protecter of Biltmore Estate, She was born with yellow eyes and a crooked spine, or a strange/unusual bone structure. She is the main character and hero in the story. She saves the missing children.
He is 12 years old, he is Serafina's best friend, he has a dog named Gidean, he is a young master, he and Serafina are trying to figure out who the man in the black cloak is, He saved Serafina from Mr. Crankshod when Mr. Crankshod grabbed hold of Serafina.
Mr. Vanderbilt:
He is Braeden's uncle. He cares for Braeden, He took care of Braeden when his parents died in a fire. He owns the Biltmore Estate, he knows all the nooks and crannies at the house.
Mrs. Vanderbilt
She is married to Mr. Vanderbilt, She is Braedens aunt. She took Braeden in when his parents died. She bought the dress for Braeden to give to Clara Brahms.
Mr. Pratt:
He talked to Mrs. Whitney about the missing children. He knew secret passageways in the house. He is a footman.
Mrs. Whitney:
She is a maid, she flirts with Mr. Pratt, she saw a secret passage.
He is Braeden's dog, he is a doberman, he is loyal to Braeden, he saved Serafina from the man in the black cloak.
He is 10 years old, he works with the horses, he is the assistant coachman, he jumped in front of Braeden to save him from the man in the black cloak.
Mr. Crankshod:
He treats Serafina poorly, he helped cut down the tree with an axe when they were trapped, he tried to kill Gideon one time with the axe, he is the head coachman.
Clara Brahms:
She was the piano player of Biltmore, she remembered Serafina. She was the girl in the yellow dress. The man in the black cloak took her, She is one of the missing children.
Anastasia Rostanova:
She is one of the missing children, she is Russian, she was taken from the Man in the Black Cloak in the maze. She has a little white dog.
Mr. Thorne:
He was the Man in the Black Cloak, he absorbed the children for their talents so that everyone could love him and he would be well known, he wore the black cloak, he was a friend of Braeden's, he stays at Biltmore Estates, and he was brought to the Biltmore Estates by Mr. Bendel.
Mr. Bendel:
He is a friend of Mr. Thorne and he is a guest at the Biltmore.
Serafina's mother:
She is a catamount, her human soul was taken by the man in the black cloak so she had to stay as a mountain lion for a while. She has been gone for years.
Serafina's pa:
He took in Serafina when her mother couldn't take care of her since she was a cat and Serafina was a human. When he found her in the forest he took her to the nuns but, they said that she looked like demon so he took care of her. He is a mechanic worker at Biltmore and lives in the Basement.