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Sadlier Oxford Level Blue Vocabulary Unit 7


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(n): something that blocks the way; an obstacle
SYNONYMS: an obstruction, fence, wall, blockade, safeguard
ANTONYMS: an opening, passage
(v): to find out using mathematics or reasoning; to reckon, estimate
SYNONYMS: to gauge, figure, determine, judge
(v): to be or make up the parts of, form; to create or write; to calm one or quiet one's mind
SYNONYMS: to produce, invent; to still, settle
ANTONYMS: to annoy, disturb
(adj): fairly large in size or extent; worthy of attention
SYNONYMS: great, sizable, major, important
ANTONYMS: small, slight, negligible
(n): one chosen to help or take the place of another or to act in that person's absence
SYNONYMS: an assistant, aide, substitute
(adj): busy, working steadily
SYNONYMS: active, occupied, energetic, untiring
ANTONYMS: lazy, idle, loafing, slow
(v): to shake up roughy; to move along in a jerky or bumpy fashion
SYNONYMS: to jar, rattle, hit
(n): a sudden bump or jerk; a shock or surprise
SYNONYMS: a lurch, bounce
(v): to rob by force or violence, especially during war or time of unrest
SYNONYMS: to steal, plunder
(n): valuable things that have been stolen or taken by force
SYNONYMS: prize, spoils
(v): to feel joy or great delight; to make joyful
SYNONYMS: to celebrate, cheer
ANTONYMS: to grieve, mourn
(adj): deserving trust, dependable
SYNONYMS: faithful, proven, trustworthy
ANTONYMS: unreliable, questionable, fickle
(adj): lacking meaning, stupid or foolish; without use of the senses
SYNONYMS: ridiculous, silly, illogical, birdbrained; unconscious
ANTONYMS: brilliant, clever, smart
(v): to shrink and wrinkle, especially from heat, cold, or dryness
SYNONYMS: to wither, dry, contract
ANTONYMS: to expand, enlarge, swell

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