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A set of standard processing tasks that measure the performance of computer software or hardware is called a _________
benchmark test.
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Many people believe that a computer needs two floppy drives to copy from one floppy to another. However, this is not true, because both______and_____ will copy the contents of the original disk into memory and then copy the contents from memory to the second disk.
windows; DOS
The first step in the software development cycle is to define the _______.
The first step is to define the problem. This has also been referred to as ________________________ -- understanding what the customer wants the software to do.
requirements analysis
An Expert system is also known as a _______________ system.
knowledge base system
In addition to access time, another measure of hard drive speed is ______, which is the measure of how fast a drive spins.
The faster a drive spins, the more rapidly it can position a ______ under the ______head and the more quickly it can access data.
specified sector; read-write head
The ______of the software development cycle involves making sure the program is consistently producing accurate and desired results.
testing phase
This is known as the Testing phase of the software development cycle. The goal is to make sure the program works _______ as it was designed to do.
High-performance workstations and servers will often use a ____ over an EIDE drive.
SCSI drive
High-performance workstations and servers will often use a SCSI (_________) over an EIDE drive. SCSI drives are normally used because they provide a slight advantage over EIDE.
small computer system interface
Computer Engineering normally focuses on the design of computer hardware and peripheral devices
Computer Engineering
Computer _______ normally focuses on making the computer work more efficiently and effectively.
The highest Information Technology position in a company is the head of the IS department, the____
CIO stands for________
Chief Information Officer
_________ are experts at defining problems and in preparing documentation on how the computer will assist in solving these problems.
Systems analysts
The purpose of the _________ is to determine whether the problem can reasonably be solved with a computer system.
feasibility study
The ______ is the IT specialist who oversees the development, planning, implementation, operation and security of databases.
The DBA (Database Administrator) manages all database activities and must have _____ as well as ___________.
managemen; technical skills
Information_____ focuses mainly on the application of computers in an organizational or business environment.
In a _____type of interface, in addition to keyboard commands, you can also click on icons and menu choices.
GUI (graphical user interface)
The instructions which are currently being executed are stored in____. It is much faster to access RAM than the hard drive
The _____________ of a monitor is the maximum number of pixels it can display.
maximum Resolution
The __________of the Software Development Life Cycle is when you would be most likely to first create flowcharts.
design phase
The ______ phase is when you would be likely to do process modeling, data modeling, questionnairres and interviews to determine requirements. It isn't until the second step, the Systems Design phase, that you would actually design a flowchart that shows specifically how the program would meet those requirements.
Systems Analysis (or Requirements Analysis)phase
A(n) _______ graphics card displays images more quickly than a normal graphics card.
The more pixels your monitor displays, the higher its_______.
_______memory stores images for the graphics card before they are displayed.
The amount of video memory the card has determines the card's maximum _______.
A document scanner can take a letter, or some other document you have, and convert it into a ______representation which it transmits to the computer.
A PCMCIA slot in a laptop uses PCMCIA cards and is often used to add a modem or _______ card
When a computer allows you to switch out devices while it is on, it is called_____.
hot swap
A Systems Analyst is the person who interviews people to determine the ______ of a program, and designs the program
It is up to the _______ to actually code and create the program based on those specifications.
The quality of sharpness depends on the _____ that the printer can print.
DPI (dots per inch)
An ______ test is a test which is done by the software publisher's test team.
A____test is a test which is done by a team of off-site testers.
Webmasters, programmers, and chip designers all depend on ____ for the existence of their jobs. These jobs are called computer specific jobs.