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See Transfer of Remains.

Common Carrier

One who publicly undertakes to transport from place to place for a stated compensation, the property of any person who may request his services up to the capacity of his facilities (airlines, train, etc.)


A news item of the death of a person, particularly a newspaper notice, containing a biographical sketch.

Honorary Casket Bearers (Pall Bearers)

Friends of the family or members of an organization or group who act as an escort or honor guard for the deceased. They do not carry the casket.


One who supplies the vital statistic information concerning the deceased.


An official inquiry or examination usually before a coroner's jury to determine the cause of death.


After death.

Funeral Director

An individual, licensed by a state or states to prepare dead human remains, other than by embalming, for disposition to conduct funeral services and to counsel survivors.


A person, properly licensed, who disinfects, preserves, or restores a dead human body.

Funeral Home

A building designed specifically for the care of the dead and the serving of the family who will arrange the service and ceremonies for the burial of the dead.


Funeral director-embalmer; a coined word to designate the "caretaker" of the dead (most commonly used term: funeral director).

Direct Disposer

An individual who is registered by a state agency to perform only basic disposition with no accompanying funeral or other service.


A place where dead human bodies are kept pending identification by relatives.


A building designed specifically for the care of the dead and the serving of the family who will arrange the service and ceremonies for the burial of the dead (most commonly used term: funeral home).

Pre-arranged Funeral

Arrangements which have been completed for an individual prior to death.

Prefunded Funeral Arrangements

Those funeral arrangements made in advance of need that include provisions for funding or prepayment.

After Care

A call made on the surviving relatives after the funeral service by the funeral director or an assistant.

Revocable Pre-Need

A pre-arranged funeral contract in which the contract may be terminated by the purchaser at any time prior to death with a refund of the monies paid as prescribed by state law.C148

Medical Examiner

A forensically-trained physician whose duty it is to investigate questionable or unattended death (has replaced the coroner in some states).


A public officer whose chief duty is to investigate questionable deaths.

Autopsy (Necropsy)

The examination of a remains for the purpose of ascertaining the cause of death (post-mortem examination; necropsy).

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