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Chapter 6 Study Guide American History the american journey


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Americans who supported independence
not supporting either side
someone who remained loyal to ruler or government
a professional soldier hired to fight in army
enlist soldiers into armed forces
left without permission
Dunmore Proclamation
slaves of the colonies that fight for the crown are free
to seal off and prevent goods from entering or leaving
armed private ship
guerrilla warfare
irregular war tactics
What was the first battle of the resolution?
Lexington and Concord
What caused the first battle at Lexington and Concord to happen?
British were sent to Lexington and Concord to confiscate the stock pound weapons.
What is the famous quote was associated with the first battle at Lexington and Concord?
"Shot heard 'round the world"
Who led the battle to take Fort Ticonderoga?
Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys; And Benedict Arnold
What did the patriots gain at the battle of Fort Ticonderoga?
Gained control of key fort and needed supplies
Where was the Battle of Bunker Hill fought?
Breeds hill
Even though the Battle of Bunker Hill resulted in a loss how did the Patriots gain hope?
The battle was close so it showed that the Patriots could fight the British
Explain how the Patriots where able to retake Boston.
The Patriots trapped the British until they starved. It was a siege.
Who was sent to Quebec to gain French allies?
Benedict Arnold
What happened on the way to Quebec?
About half of the army traveling there died or left
Who won the Battle of Long island?
How did the British win the Battle of Long Island?
They flanked the Patriots
How did the Patriots escape after being captured at Long Island?
The fog covered their escape.
Name the leaders of both sides at the Battle of Long Island.
Patriots: George Washington
British: Howe
Why was the battle of Trenton so important?
It made people want to enlist
How did Washington win at Trenton?
A double agent tricked the British and Washington surprise attacked them
Who was Washington fighting at Trenton?
Rall (Hessians)
What fatal mistake did the British leader make at Trenton?
He didn't read the warning note given to him about the attack.
After what battle were the British able to take Philadelphia?
Battle of Brandywine
Name the leaders at the Battle of Brandywine.
Patriots: George Washington
British: Howe
Why did Washington lose the Battle of Brandywine?
British flanked them again
Which battle caused France to join the Americans?
Who were the leaders at the Saratoga battle?
Patriots: Gates
British: Burgoyne
Why did General Burgoyne lose the battle of Saratoga?
Guerrilla Warfare, and numbers swell due to outrage
What is the First battle when the British decide to fight the south?
What is unique about the Battle of King's Mountain?
All soldiers are militia
What made the Patriot victory possible at the battle of Yorktown?
French fleet defeats British fleet and sets up Blockade,
French and Patriots surround city by land, siege, and 7000 Brits vs. 17000 Patriots and French
Name the American, British, and French leaders at the battle of Yorktown.
American: George Washington
French: DeGrasse and Rochambeau
British: Cornwalllis
List all of the low points that the Patriots suffered at the end of 1776.
Small pox, only 500 troops, General Lee tried to replace George Washington, Public support was low, enlistments were expiring.
When General Burgoyne comes to America, who does he make an alliance with?
The Iroquois
Why was Valley Forge such a bad time for the continental Army and Washington?
Winter time, small pox, 1 dull ax to build everything, not good clothes or boots .
What did George and the Continental army eat to stay alive?
Fire cakes (Flour and Water)
How many soldiers per cabin?
12 per cabin
Who came to help train the continental army at the time of Valley Forge?
Fredrick Von Steuben
What is "The Crisis", who wrote it, and how did it encourage the Soldiers?
A book by Thomas Paine, it boosts public support, encourages them to keep going
Explain the two battle plans of the British and tell why they failed.
Takes control of NYC, control the Hudson, and split the colonies. Also Gain loyalists support
How did the Patriots gain most of their victories?
Surprise attacks
What is the definition of inflation in regards to the economy?
a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money
What caused inflation in the colonies during the war?
Continental congress prints too much money
Why is Nathan Hale famous?
He disguised himself as a Dutch teacher and volunteered to spy on British
General Rochambeau?
Friedrich von Steuben?
Marquis de Lafayette?
Juan Miralles?
General William Howe?
General John Burgoyne?
Admiral deGrasse?
Deborah Sampson?
General Horatio Gates?
Molly Pitcher?
Lemuel Hayes?
What were the terms of the Treaty of Paris of 1783?
1.America is a free and independent nation
2.New nations boundaries
3.British withdraw all troops
4.Fishing rights
5.British merchants could collect debt owed by the Americans
6.Loyalist property is returned
When did General Cornwallis surrender to General Washington?
October 17, 1781
Who were the American diplomats that helped put the treaty together?
Ben Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay