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  1. notochord
  2. To better coordinate its activity, the heart is formed from cells that are connected to one another with _____ junctions.
  3. stomata
  4. motor neurons
  5. organ
  1. a gap
  2. b the small openings on the undersides of most leaves through which oxygen and carbon dioxide can move
  3. c flexible rodlike structure of mesodermal cells that is the principal logitudinal structural element of chordates and of early empryo vertebrates. Plays an organizational role in nervous systm development
  4. d structural unit of at least two tissues, organized in certain proportions and patterns, that carries out one or more common tasks
  5. e relay commands from the brain and spinal cord to muscle cells, and to glands

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  1. tissue
  2. compartmentalization
  3. major site of blood cell formation that fills the spaces in spongy bone
  4. branched cells, cardiac muscle
  5. homeostasis

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  1. In which tissues could abundant collagen and elastin be found?connective tissues


  2. PharynxExcitable cells that make up the communication line in most nervous systems


  3. A beauty-salon permanent begins by applying a chemical to the hair that _____.breaks the disulfide bonds between adjacent keratin chains


  4. Muscle Tissueshardened connective tissue that is the main tissue of bones. Some bones are sites of blood cell formation


  5. what maintains solute-water balance in humans?soil, air, animals, water, and plants in the area