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  1. cells need these two elements/molecules to survive
  2. Which of the following is the correct order of levels of structural organization?
  3. Interstitial fluid is found _____.
  4. actin
  5. cerebrellum
  1. a makes up most of the thin filaments in myofibrils that connect sarcomeres
  2. b between cells
  3. c tells the muscle cells how much energy is needed to perform an action
  4. d cell, tissue, organ, organism
  5. e carbon dioxide and oxygen

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  1. moor protein that starts at the center of the sarcomere. forms a cross bridge to actin when the local concentration of calcium ions rises and a bindig site for the myosin's head is exposed
  2. Consist of many cells arranged parallel to one another, in tight or loose arrays. Coordinated contractions of layers or rings of muscles move the whole body or its component parts
  3. compartmentalization
  4. Three
  5. flexible rodlike structure of mesodermal cells that is the principal logitudinal structural element of chordates and of early empryo vertebrates. Plays an organizational role in nervous systm development

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  1. Two ways substances can be transported (internally)active transport and by following concentration gradients


  2. what maintains solute-water balance in humans?homeostatic control mechanism that reduces the output of the stimulus. fixes changes in the internal environment


  3. Panting, sweating, and dilation of surface blood vessels in response to overheating are examples of _____.negative feedback


  4. what does plasma consist of?proteins, gases, ions, sugars, and other substances that are dissolved in it


  5. NeuronsExcitable cells that make up the communication line in most nervous systems