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  1. Respiratory System
  2. action potential
  3. To better coordinate its activity, the heart is formed from cells that are connected to one another with _____ junctions.
  4. Neurotransmitters
  5. Fibrous, Irregular Connective Tissue
  1. a Matrix is packed with many fibroblasts and collagen fibers that are positioned every which way. Is a component of skin that supports intestinal muscles and also forms protective capsules around organs that do not stretch much
  2. b reversal of the voltage in muscle fibers, neurons, and some excitable cells
  3. c Signaling molecules that diffuse to another cell
  4. d Rapidly delivers oxygen to the tissue fluid that bathes all living cells; removes carbon dioxide wastes of celss
  5. e gap

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  1. Collects and returns some tissue fluid to the bloodstream; defends the body against infection and tissue damage
  2. stratified squamous epithelium
  3. sheetlike tissue of cells that are close together, with little extracellular material between them. Absorb or secrete
  4. thin
  5. receive and integrate sensory information. sore the bits that hold meaning and coordinate the body's short term and long term responses to stimuli

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  1. ventral surfacesurface near or on the belly


  2. ligamenttoward the outside of the body


  3. Urinary SystemDetects external and internal stimuli. Controls and coordinates the responses to stimuli; integrates all organ system activities


  4. adhering junctionadjoining cells are welded together with a mass of proteins, which is anchored under the plasma membrane by tufts of intermediate filaments of the cytoskeleton


  5. dorsal surfaceAlong (or toward) the vertebral surface of the body