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  1. In a typical feedback loop, an integrator involves the _____ system and an effector involves the _____ system.
  2. physiology
  3. Organ systems of nearly all animal are controlled by what?
  4. Duodenum
  5. Sarcomere
  1. a study of patterns and processes by which an individual survives and reproduces in the environment
  2. b neural and endocrine control
  3. c the part of the small intestine between the stomach and the jejunum
  4. d nervous, glandular
  5. e the basic contractile unit of striated muscle; the segment of a myofibril between two adjacent z-lines.

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  1. tells the muscle cells how much energy is needed to perform an action
  2. fluid portion of blood
  3. cylindrical arrays of proteins span the plasma membrane of adjoining cells. they pair up as open channels for signals between cells. Permit ions and small molecules to pass freely from the cytoplasm of one cell to another.
  4. mostly fa substance that fills most mature bones of adults. Can be converted to red marrow in times of need
  5. products diffuse into the blood and are transported by the circulatory system

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  1. jointsareas of contact or near-contact in between bones


  2. exocrine glandshave ducts or tubes that open onto the free epithelial surface. secrete many substances, such as oils, mucus, saliva, tears, milk, digestive enzymes, and earwax


  3. In cellular communication, a receptor site is activated by _____.binding to a specific signal molecule


  4. ndividuals with a relatively thick layer of _____ tissue may experience less discomfort as the temperature falls.diffusion


  5. epitheliumsheetlike tissue of cells that are close together, with little extracellular material between them. Absorb or secrete