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  1. osteoclasts
  2. cranial cavity
  3. Lateral
  4. physiology
  5. sensory neurons
  1. a bone cells that break down bone tissue by secreting acids and enzymes into the hardenedmatrix
  2. b detect specific stimuli, such as light, heat, and pressure
  3. c in the skull, encases the brain
  4. d toward the outside of the body
  5. e study of patterns and processes by which an individual survives and reproduces in the environment

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  1. cells and blood
  2. bundle of contractile filaments that run from one end of a muscle fiber to the other
  3. farther from a point of reference
  4. Rapidly delivers oxygen to the tissue fluid that bathes all living cells; removes carbon dioxide wastes of celss
  5. thin

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  1. nervous tissueDetects external and internal stimuli. Controls and coordinates the responses to stimuli; integrates all organ system activities


  2. NeurotransmittersExcitable cells that make up the communication line in most nervous systems


  3. Skeletal SystemSupports and protects body parts; provides muscle attachment sites; produces red blood cells; stores calcium and phosphorous


  4. Panting, sweating, and dilation of surface blood vessels in response to overheating are examples of _____.slowing down of the entire body and its cells to counteract overheating


  5. integratorcentral command post that receives and processes information about stimuli


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