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  1. What is the main type of cell in every tissue in the body except connective tissue?
  2. habitat
  3. anterior
  4. Lymph nodes
  5. Fibrous, Irregular Connective Tissue
  1. a place where individuals of a species normally live
  2. b fibroblasts
  3. c filters or traps for foreign particles and contain white blood cells
  4. d of or near the head end or toward the front plane of the body
  5. e Matrix is packed with many fibroblasts and collagen fibers that are positioned every which way. Is a component of skin that supports intestinal muscles and also forms protective capsules around organs that do not stretch much

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  1. in the skull, encases the brain
  2. cylindrical arrays of proteins span the plasma membrane of adjoining cells. they pair up as open channels for signals between cells. Permit ions and small molecules to pass freely from the cytoplasm of one cell to another.
  3. muscle, bone
  4. 26
  5. structural unit of at least two tissues, organized in certain proportions and patterns, that carries out one or more common tasks

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  1. Which of the following tissue types can currently be grown in the lab to replace damaged tissue in humans?epidermis


  2. A beauty-salon permanent begins by applying a chemical to the hair that _____.breaks the disulfide bonds between adjacent keratin chains


  3. organ systemA group of two or more organs that interact to perform a set of related tasks


  4. Which of the following forms a thick protective barrier that can keep bacteria from entering the body?stratified squamous epithelium


  5. Sarcomerethe basic contractile unit of striated muscle; the segment of a myofibril between two adjacent z-lines.


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