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  1. vertebrae
  2. Digestive System
  3. In plants, the physical isolation of an injured or infected site is called _____.
  4. Circulatory System
  5. In cellular communication, a receptor site is activated by _____.
  1. a Ingests food and water; mechanically and chemically breaks down food and absorbs small molecules into the internal environment; eliminates food residues
  2. b compartmentalization
  3. c Rapidly transports many materials to and from cells; helps stabilize internal pH and temperature
  4. d bones that enclose and protect the spinal cord, support the skull and upper extremitites, and are attachment sites for muscle
  5. e binding to a specific signal molecule

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  1. kidneys
  2. tells the muscle cells how much energy is needed to perform an action
  3. skeletal
  4. study of patterns and processes by which an individual survives and reproduces in the environment
  5. organelle of the muscle fiber that stores calcium

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  1. Which of the following is the correct order of levels of structural organization?cartilage


  2. skeletal muscle tissuefunctional partner of bone and cartilage. Helps move and maintain the positions of the body and its parts. Consists of groups of cells fused together


  3. A community of cells that interacts together to perform a specific task is called a/an _____.motor neurons


  4. In a feedback loop, which of the following is the correct pathway from stimulus to response?thin


  5. Loose connective tissuehas single, unbranching cells, tapered at both ends. Contracts slower, but longer than skeletal muscle. Found in the stomach, bladder, and uterus