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  1. crani/o
  2. pathologic fracture
  3. -um
  4. The Tissues of Bone: endosteum
  5. malleolus
  1. a skull, cranium
  2. b noun ending
  3. c occurs when a weakened bone breaks under normal strain
  4. d the rounded bony protuberance on each side of the ankle
  5. e the tissue that lines the medullary cavity (end- means within, oste means bone, and -um is a noun ending).

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  1. lines the capsule and secretes synovial fluid.
  2. functions as a fat storage area, is composed chiefly of fat cells and is located in the medullary cavity.
  3. visual examination of a joint
  4. 26 small bones that make up your backbone
  5. which are also known as articulations, are the
    place of union between two or more bones. Joints are classified according to either their construction or based on the degree of movement they allow.

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  1. fibrous dysplasiasurgical fracture of a bone to correct a deformity


  2. paget's diseaseis the curved fibrous cartilage found in some joints, such as the knee and the temporomandibular joint of the jaw


  3. Synovial Jointsis createdwhere two bones articulate to permit a varietyofmotions.Asusedhere the term articulate means to come together. These joints are also
    described based on their type of motion


  4. arthrodesissurgical fusion of a joint


  5. kyphosisan abnormal backward curve to the vertebral column