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  1. osteonecrosis
  2. prosthesis
  3. lord/o
  4. spiral fracture
  5. kyph/o
  1. a curve, swayback (anterior curvature in the lumbar region)
  2. b ragged break occurs when excessive twisting forces are applied to a bone
  3. c bent, hump
  4. d death of bone tissue
  5. e Replacement of a missing part by an artificial substitute, such as an artificial extremity

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  1. functions as a fat storage area, is composed chiefly of fat cells and is located in the medullary cavity.
  2. allow only slight movement and consist of bones connected entirely by cartilage. Examples include: where the ribs connect to the sternum (breast bone)
  3. covers the surfaces of bones where they come
    together to form joints. This cartilage makes smooth joint movement possible and protects the bones from rubbing against each other
  4. an inflammation of bone and bone marrow (usually caused by bacterial infection)
  5. such as the hips and shoulders, allow a wide range of movement in many directions

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  1. chondromaa common benign tumor of cartilage cells


  2. manubriumupper portion of the sternum


  3. metacarpalsbones of the hand


  4. costochondritisinflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the sternum


  5. Component of Synovial Joints: Ligamentsare bands of fibrous tissue that form joints by connecting one bone to another bone, or joining a bone to cartilage. Complex hinge joints, such as the knee, are made up of a series of
    ligaments that permit movement in different directions