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organisms sharing in a relationship


one organism benefits, the other is harmed, Parasites require hosts to live and reproduce


both organisms benefit, like a bee and a flower


organism is gone


organism is not from area and its presence is damaging other species


the number of different types of species in an environment

Cultural adaptation

organisms work with members of their own species to survive, such as geese flying in a "V"

Behavioral adaptation

something one organism does to survive- such as a crocodile holding its mouth open waiting for food to wander in

structural adaptation

a characteristic or body part on an organism that helps it survive, such as the large teeth of an alligator

4 facets of the Endangered Species Act of 1973

list the species, habitat protection, harassment is illegal, owning any part or whole organism is illegal


the buildup of toxin in the environment-- the higher we go up in a food chain, the more concentrated the toxin becomes


the study of living things and their relationships with one another and their abiotic world


A region characterized by specific plants and animals, such as prairie grasses and ground squirrels-- live in a short grass priarie

Climax community

A region characterized by a stable community of plants and animals that doesnt change much over time-- What is our climax community in WF?

WFHS climax community?



an organisms role in the environment

Indicator Species

a species whos health and numbers help show how the overall health of the environment is doing

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