medical law and ethics chapter 3 book from Marcia A Lewis


documentation usually from a professional organization that an individual has met certain requirements and standardss set forth by that organization

Clinic Manager

Person who has additional education and experience in the health-care field to manage a facility.

Continuing Education Units : CEU's

These are awarded to professionals within a particular field after gaining additional knowledge at a workshop or seminar.


Evidence of having achieved a certain level of knowledge through education or experience.


An agreement in which one state recognizes the licensing procedure of another state, considers it valid, and grants a license to practice; sometimes referred to reciprocity.

Licensed Practical Nurse : LPN

A grauduate from a nine month to 1 year practical nurse vocational or college program who has passed the state licensing examination for practical or vocational nurses.


Legal permission, granted by state statutes, to perform specific acts; for instance, a physician is licensed to practice medicine.

Medical Assistant: MA

Person who assists the provider in both adminstrative and clinical duties; education varies from on the job instruction to 2 years in an accredited program for medical assisting.

Medical / Professional Coder

Person who has had education and experience in Current Procedural Terminology, 4th edition : CPT-4 and International Classification of Disease; ICD-9, soon to be ICD-10, coding; responsible for the correct application of codes for procedures, supplies, and diagnoses used for billing professional medical services.

Medical Laoratory Technician : MLT

A graduate from a certificate or associate degree program who works under the supervision of a provider or medical technologist in a laboratory preparing specimens and operating automated analyzers.

Medical Transcriptionist

Person who may or may not have formal education; will have superior medical terminology as well as keyboarding and grammar skills; transcibes medical dictation.

Medical Technologist: MT

A grauduate from a 4 year college or university program in medical technology that includes 1 year of clinical experience in the laboratory. MT's perform complex tests and analyses, ensure accuracy of testing, and may supervise medical laboratory technicians.

Nurse Practitioner:NP

Nurse pratitioner is an RN; usually with a bachelor of science in nursing, who has sucessfully completed additional education in an NP program at a master's or doctorate level.


A provider who is identified by law as a doctor of medicine : MD or a doctor of osteopathic medicine: OD.

Physician Assistant : PA

Person with 1 to 4 years of education in an approved PA program; a PA works under the supervision of the physician.


Any healthcare professional who examines, diagnoses, and treats individuals; including MD's and DO's.


AN agreement by which two states recognize the licensing procedures of each other, consider them valid, and grant licenses to practice based on the other states licensure. In some states, it is referred to as endorsement.

Registered Nurse: RN

A graduate from a 2 year associate degree, 3 year diploma, or 4 to 5 year bachelors degree program who passed the state licensing examination for RN's. An RN works under the direction of a physician.


AN entry in an official record listing names of persons satisfying certain requirements and level of education.

Scope of Practice

Terminolgy used by state licensing boards that defines the procedures, actions, and processes that are permitted for a professional depending on their education, experience and demonstrated competency.

Tickler File

A chronological file used as a reminder to do specific tasks on schedule; usually daily, weekly, or monthly.

What is the role of the MA in the ambulatory setting?

They are specifically trained to work in the ambulatory setting. These multiskilled personnel can perform administrative as well as clinical procedures and physicians value this unique versatility.

Name three examples of nonlicensed personnel in the health-care setting.

1. CMA
2. MLT
3. PA

List and define three catagories of nurses found in the healthcare setting and compare their education and their scope of practice.

1. LPN : care for the disabled, the sick, and the convalescent under the supervision of physicians or registered nurses.
2. NP: a licensed RN with a BSN. They may examine, diagnose, and treat clients. They practice under their basic RN license and in most states they may supervise MA's.
3. LVN: scope of practice is the same as the LPN.

List two similarities and dissimilarities between a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner.

A NP may practice independently where as a PA must have physician supv. ALthough both offer a wide range of services the PA is disease centered whereas the NP focuses on health promotion, disease prevention, health ED and counseling. THe NP must recertify every 5 years and the PA must re-exam every 6 years. Both the NP and the PA have restrictions in some states for prescribing controlled substances.

Describe scope of practice for ambulatory healthcare personnel.

Defines the procedures, actions and processes that are permitted for a professional depending on their education, experience, and demonstrated competency.

When 2 states recognize the licensing procedures of each other, consider them valid, and grant licenses to practice based on the other states's licensure, this is called

reciprocity and endorsement

The ____ is specifically prepared to work in a medical/practice?

MA: medical Assistant

A medical Transcriptionist may become certified by passing a certifying examination offered by the ___?


What credentialing is required of a physician assistant in all states except MD, OH and NY?


Once the MD has achieved the designation of "Board Certified," he/she must ___.

They MD must recertify every 2 to 7 years.

Medical Transcriptionist perform an important part of the documentation process.
True or false?


A clinic manager may desire the
CMAS: Certified Medical Administrative Specialist, certification through the AAMA?
True or False?

False, The CMAS is certified through the AMT not the AAMA.

Inclusion is another term for reciprocity?
True or False?


MTs are required in all ambulatory care settings?
True or False?


The LPN and the LVN receive the same education?
True or False?


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