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  1. Name three examples of nonlicensed personnel in the health-care setting.
  2. MTs are required in all ambulatory care settings?
    True or False?
  3. Describe scope of practice for ambulatory healthcare personnel.
  4. What credentialing is required of a physician assistant in all states except MD, OH and NY?
  5. Once the MD has achieved the designation of "Board Certified," he/she must ___.
  1. a Licensure
  2. b Defines the procedures, actions and processes that are permitted for a professional depending on their education, experience, and demonstrated competency.
  3. c They MD must recertify every 2 to 7 years.
  4. d 1. CMA
    2. MLT
    3. PA
  5. e False

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  1. MA: medical Assistant
  2. AHDI
  3. False, The CMAS is certified through the AMT not the AAMA.
  4. reciprocity and endorsement
  5. Evidence of having achieved a certain level of knowledge through education or experience.

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  1. Clinic ManagerPerson who has additional education and experience in the health-care field to manage a facility.


  2. List two similarities and dissimilarities between a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner.Licensure


  3. Physician Assistant : PAPerson with 1 to 4 years of education in an approved PA program; a PA works under the supervision of the physician.


  4. EndorsementLegal permission, granted by state statutes, to perform specific acts; for instance, a physician is licensed to practice medicine.


  5. Registered Nurse: RNAN entry in an official record listing names of persons satisfying certain requirements and level of education.