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  1. Cardiac plexus
  2. Superficial Cardiac Plexus
  3. cervical and third and fourth thoracic sympathetic ganglia
  4. Parasympathetic nerves of the heart terminate on
  5. ANS branches
  1. a located below the arch of the aorta, formed by sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves
  2. b SA node, AV node, Coronary arteries
  3. c where upper 5-6 thoracic spinal segments' sympathetic pregangionic nerves synapse on postganglionic fibers. from here, postganglionic fibers go bilaterally to the heart
  4. d includes Sympathetic and Parasympathetic branches - together maintain homeostasis
  5. e inferior to aortic arh between aortic arch and pulmonary trunk

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  1. T5 to T9. pierces the crus of diaphragm and synapses at ganglia of celiac plexus, renal plexus and suprarenal medulla
  2. between aortic arch and trachial bifurcation
  3. non-myelinated neurons that leave the ganglion and pass to spinal nerves as gray rami communicantes to spinal nerve and distributed to smooth muscles in wall of blood vessles, sweat glands arrector pili,
  4. myelinated neurons with cell bodies in Lateral horn, that leave the spinal cord in ventral root, join the afferent sensory fibers in spinal cord after DRG, pass via white rami communicantes to paravertebral ganglia of sympathetic trunk.
  5. Dorsal and Ventral

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  1. SA node signal sent tomyocardial tissue of both atria


  2. SA node locationsubendothelial layer of heart at juntion of SVC and right atrium near superior end of crista terminalis


  3. Cardiac referred painpain in upper left limb because of nerves of brachioplexus that shares the spinal cord segments


  4. Least Splanchnic NerveT10 to T11. descends with greater splanchnic nerve synapses on post-ganglionic fibers in lower part of celiac ganglia


  5. General Visceral Afferentmotor information from spinal cord to cardiac muscle, smooth muscles of viscera and glands