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  1. Intermediolateral cell column
  2. Cardiac referred pain
  3. AV node transmits signal
  4. Nervous system subdivisions
  5. Lesser Splanchnic nerve
  1. a Lateral Horn from T1-L2, contains cell bodies of preganglionic afferent sympathetic neurons
  2. b CNS PNS
  3. c pain in upper left limb because of nerves of brachioplexus that shares the spinal cord segments
  4. d from SA node to AV bundle of His. down through fibrous skeleton of heart along membranous part of interventricular septum
  5. e T10 to T11. descends with greater splanchnic nerve synapses on post-ganglionic fibers in lower part of celiac ganglia

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  1. carries sensations from viscera to spinal cord: mucous membranes glands blood vessels and smooth muscles and cardiac muscles
  2. acts in sympathy with emotions; fight or flight; more extensive of the ANS branches, ratio of afferent to efferent is 1 to 17;
  3. where T1 to T4 preganglionic sympathetic efferent fibers synapse with post-galglionic sympathetic fibers
  4. Cranial Nerves and ganglia
    • Spinal nerves and ganglia
  5. contains visceral and somatic AFFERENT fibers

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  1. coronary arteriesT1 through T3 shared by upper limb cutanous nerves


  2. General Somatic Efferentmotor information from spinal cord to skeletal muscles


  3. From sympathetic trunk ganglia, efferent sympathetic fibers:synapse with excitor neuron/postganglionic sympathetic neuron in the ganglion


  4. Parasympathetic Nervous system outflowcranial nerves and sacral nerves 2-3-4


  5. Purkinje fibersCranial Nerves and ganglia
    • Spinal nerves and ganglia