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  1. Spinal nerve contains
  2. Cardiac plexus
  3. General Somatic Efferent
  4. ANS innervation
  5. ANS controlling centers
  1. a motor information from spinal cord to skeletal muscles
  2. b vesceral organs, BVs and secretory glands
  3. c both sensory and motor nerve fibers
  4. d located below the arch of the aorta, formed by sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves
  5. e HT and Brain stem

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  1. T10 to T11. descends with greater splanchnic nerve synapses on post-ganglionic fibers in lower part of celiac ganglia
  2. where AV bundle branches split and extend to walls of ventricles
  3. contains cell bodies of somatic and visceral afferent nerve fibers
  4. increased HR, dilated pupils, constricted arterioles in skin and intestine, dilated muscular arterioles, high BP, pale face, dry mouth, hair stands up, blood rushes to brain heart and skel muscle preferentially, closed alimentary and urinary tract sphincters, bronchi and bronchioles dilated
  5. between aortic arch and trachial bifurcation

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  1. Left bundle of His stimulate:interventricular septum muscles, anterior and posterior papillary msucles and wall of left ventricle


  2. Lateral Horncontains somatic efferent fibers


  3. functional components of spinal nerveGeneral Somatic Afferent
    General Visceral Afferent
    General Somatic Efferent
    General Visceral Efferent


  4. SA node signal sent tomyocardial tissue of both atria


  5. Differences between PS ANS and S ANSSA node