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  1. Parasympathetic preganglionic cell bodies
  2. Sympathetic chain
  3. Splanchnic nerves
  4. PS activation effects on heart
  5. white and grey rami communicantes
  1. a HR slows, force of contraction less, constriction of coronary arteries. net saves energy
  2. b located in brain stem and grey matter of sacral segments of spinal cord S2,3,4
  3. c formed by efferent preganglionic sympathetic neurons that do not synapse on postganglionic neurons until closer to the effector organ
  4. d where pre and post ganglionic neurons interface
  5. e the connections between preganglionic visceral efferent fibers and post ganglionic visceral efferent fibers to and from the spinal cord, white is pre- grey is post-ganglionic.

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  1. 1 to 3
  2. SA node
  3. Cranial Nerves and ganglia
    • Spinal nerves and ganglia
  4. pain in upper left limb because of nerves of brachioplexus that shares the spinal cord segments
  5. in the cervical and third and fourth thoracic sympatehtic ganglia

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  1. Differences between PS ANS and S ANSanatomical, neurotransmitters, physiological effects


  2. Left bundle of His stimulate:interventricular septum muscles, anterior and posterior papillary msucles and wall of left ventricle


  3. Parasympaathetic effectreverses the change from sympathetic innervation. rest and digest; slower HR, pupils constricted, secretion of saliva and intestinal juices, sphincters relaxes, bladder contracts, glycogen synthesis allowed


  4. Ventral root of spinal nervecontains somatic and visceral efferent fibers


  5. sympathetic innervation of the heartfrom upper 5-6 segments of thoracic spinal cord lateral horn