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  1. AV node location
  2. DRG
  3. Cardiac referred pain
  4. Parasympathetic preganglionic cell bodies
  5. PNS includes
  1. a pain in upper left limb because of nerves of brachioplexus that shares the spinal cord segments
  2. b contains cell bodies of somatic and visceral afferent nerve fibers
  3. c located in brain stem and grey matter of sacral segments of spinal cord S2,3,4
  4. d internal, inferior aspect of interatrial septum near opening of coronary sinus
  5. e Cranial Nerves and ganglia
    • Spinal nerves and ganglia

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  1. superficial and deep
  2. vagus nerve
  3. sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  4. acetylcholine binds muscarinic receptors to slow rate of depolarzation of PM cells and atrioventricular conduction and decreases contractility
  5. radiates from substernal and left pectoral regions to left shoulder and medial aspect of left upper limb

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  1. sympathetic innervation of the heart terminates onSA node, AV node, Coronary arteries


  2. Parasympaathetic effectmotor information from spinal cord to skeletal muscles


  3. Cervical Ganglionwhere T1 to T4 preganglionic sympathetic efferent fibers synapse with post-galglionic sympathetic fibers


  4. Splanchnic nervesformed by efferent preganglionic sympathetic neurons that do not synapse on postganglionic neurons until closer to the effector organ


  5. Ventral Horncontains somatic efferent fibers