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  1. Parasympathetic Nervous system outflow
  2. preganglionic neurons innervating the heart end
  3. Differences between PS ANS and S ANS
  4. Effects of sympathetic stimulation of the heart
  5. ganglion shared with cardiac sensory nerves
  1. a in the cervical and third and fourth thoracic sympatehtic ganglia
  2. b T1 through T4 or T5
  3. c cranial nerves and sacral nerves 2-3-4
  4. d anatomical, neurotransmitters, physiological effects
  5. e cardiac acceleration, increased force of contraction, dilation of coronary arteries,

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  1. HT and Brain stem
  2. Lateral Horn from T1-L2, contains cell bodies of preganglionic afferent sympathetic neurons
  3. myocardial tissue of both atria
  4. synapse with excitor neuron/postganglionic sympathetic neuron in the ganglion
  5. includes Sympathetic and Parasympathetic branches - together maintain homeostasis

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  1. Lesser Splanchnic nerveT12. pierces diaphragm and synpases at ganglia of renal plexus


  2. SA node Heart rate70 beats per minute


  3. Splanchnic nervesT12. pierces diaphragm and synpases at ganglia of renal plexus


  4. sympathetic innervation of the heartvagus nerve


  5. Least Splanchnic NerveT10 to T11. descends with greater splanchnic nerve synapses on post-ganglionic fibers in lower part of celiac ganglia