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  1. ratio of pre to post ganglionic SYMPATHETIC fibers
  2. PS activation effects on heart
  3. SA node positive and negative innervation by
  4. functional components of spinal nerve
  5. ANS controlling centers
  1. a sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  2. b HR slows, force of contraction less, constriction of coronary arteries. net saves energy
  3. c 1 to 17
  4. d General Somatic Afferent
    General Visceral Afferent
    General Somatic Efferent
    General Visceral Efferent
  5. e HT and Brain stem

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  1. contains somatic efferent fibers
  2. in the cervical and third and fourth thoracic sympatehtic ganglia
  3. carries sensations from body wall to spinal cord: pain, touch, temp proprioception and pressure
  4. muscles of interventricular septum, Anterior papillary muscle, wall of right ventricle
  5. where T1 to T4 preganglionic sympathetic efferent fibers synapse with post-galglionic sympathetic fibers

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  1. CNS includesbrain and spinal cord


  2. Sympathetic Nervous systemacts in sympathy with emotions; fight or flight; more extensive of the ANS branches, ratio of afferent to efferent is 1 to 17;


  3. From sympathetic trunk ganglia, efferent sympathetic fibers:1 to 17


  4. Brainstem cells located in theocculomotor nerve, facial nerve, glossopharyngeal nerve, Vagus nerve


  5. SA node Heart ratesubendothelial layer of heart at juntion of SVC and right atrium near superior end of crista terminalis