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Triangles Vocabulary

Acute Triangle
Triangle that has three acute angles
Base Angles of Isosceles Triangle
Angles on the base of an isosceles triangle
Base of Isosceles Triangle
The side that is congruent to neither of the other sides
Congruent Polygons
Polygons which all pairs of corresponding parts (sides and angles) are congruent
Equiangular Triangle
Triangle in which all angles are equal
Equilateral Triangle
Triangle in which all sides are equal
Exterior Angle of a Polygon
The angles that are adjacent to the interior angles of the polygon when the sides of the polygon are extended
The side across from the right angle in a right triangle
Included Angle
An angle on a polygon in between the two sides that formed it
Included Side
A side on a polygon which is in between two consecutive angles
Isosceles Triangle
A triangle that has at least two congruent sides
Legs of Isosceles Triangle
The pair of legs that are congruent
Obtuse Triangle
Triangle that has exactly one obtuse angle
Remote Interior Angles
The angles of a triangle that are not adjacent to a given exterior angle
Right Triangle
A triangle with exactly one right angle
Scalene Triangle
A triangle that has no congruent sides
Polygon with three sides
Vertex Angle of Isosceles Triangle
Angle opposite the base in an isosceles triangle