12 terms

Third Grade: Forces and Interactions

compound machine
A device made of two or more simple machines.
effort force
A force used to move an object over a distance
Doing work.
A push or a pull that can make an object move, stop moving, or change directions.
A force that holds back the movement of an object.
inclined plane
Simple machine that is a sloping or slanted ramp that can be used to raise or lower a load.
A simple machine that includes a stiff bar that rests on a support called a fulcrum.
A simple machine that uses grooved wheels and a rope, cable, or chain to raise or lower a load.
resistance force
A force that you have to overcome to do work. It is a force that opposes the direction of motion.
A result of force moving an object a certain distance.
balanced forces
When forces acting on an object are equal. Both sides will be even with each other.
unbalanced forces
When 2 forces acting on an object are not equal in size. For example one side will be higher than the other.