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  1. lethargic
  2. Cassandra
  3. ambrosial
  4. Stygian
  5. atlas
  1. a book of maps
  2. b exceptionally pleasing to taste or smell; extremely delicious; excellent
  3. c infernal; especially dark; gloomy
  4. d unnaturally drowsy; sluggish; dull
  5. e one who prophesies doom or disaster; pessimist

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  1. pertaining to war; warlike
  2. tall, strong, bold woman
  3. majestic; godlike; lofty; having to do with the Olympic games
  4. pertaining to or resembling the dawn; rosy; radiant
  5. medium or place for open discussion and expression of ideas--public meeting, radio or TV discussion, editorial page, etc.

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  1. Procrusteancruel or inflexible in enforcing conformity


  2. mercurialquick; vivacious; active; lively; inconstant; unstable; capricious; subject to rapid and unpredictable mood changes


  3. nectarsomething exceptionally delicious to drink


  4. odysseylong series of wanderings or travels


  5. bacchanalianautomatic and immediate repetition of what others say