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  1. laconic
  2. titanic
  3. Stygian
  4. Olympian
  5. aegis
  1. a of enormous strength, size or power
  2. b shield or protection; auspices; sponsorship
  3. c infernal; especially dark; gloomy
  4. d using words sparingly; terse; concise
  5. e majestic; godlike; lofty; having to do with the Olympic games

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  1. exceptionally pleasing to taste or smell; extremely delicious; excellent
  2. pertaining to dancing
  3. excite a hope but prevent its fulfillment; tease
  4. one who prophesies doom or disaster; pessimist
  5. very difficult; requiring the strength of Hercules

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  1. panicsudden, overpowering terror, sometimes causing mass flight


  2. labyrinthineheavy; dull; sullen; gloomy; morose


  3. Pyrrhicruinous; gained at too great a cost


  4. jovialpertaining to war; warlike


  5. amazontall, strong, bold woman