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  1. nemesis
  2. siren
  3. flora
  4. fauna
  5. chimerical
  1. a plant life; plants of a particular region or period
  2. b fantastic; unreal; impossible; absurd
  3. c dangerous, attractive woman; woman who sings with bewitching sweetness; apparatus for sounding loud warnings
  4. d due punishment for evil deeds; one who inflicts such punishment
  5. e animal life; animals of a particular region or period

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  1. infernal; especially dark; gloomy
  2. very loud
  3. automatic and immediate repetition of what others say
  4. sumptuous; luxurious
  5. ruinous; gained at too great a cost

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  1. hectorsomething exceptionally delicious to drink


  2. bacchanalianautomatic and immediate repetition of what others say


  3. Olympianmajestic; godlike; lofty; having to do with the Olympic games


  4. labyrinthinefull or confusing passageways; intricate; complicated, like the Labyrinth


  5. forummedium or place for open discussion and expression of ideas--public meeting, radio or TV discussion, editorial page, etc.