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  1. paean
  2. forum
  3. hector
  4. thespian
  5. Elysian
  1. a pertaining to the drama or acting
  2. b delightful; blissful; heavenly
  3. c to bully; intimidate with threats; bluster
  4. d medium or place for open discussion and expression of ideas--public meeting, radio or TV discussion, editorial page, etc.
  5. e song or hymn of praise, joy, or triumph

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  1. prone to controversy; disputatious; argumentative
  2. having colors like the rainbow
  3. cruel or inflexible in enforcing conformity
  4. shield or protection; auspices; sponsorship
  5. one who prophesies doom or disaster; pessimist

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  1. Pyrrhicsudden, overpowering terror, sometimes causing mass flight


  2. echolaliaautomatic and immediate repetition of what others say


  3. laconicvery handsome young man


  4. terpsichoreanvery difficult; requiring the strength of Hercules


  5. saturnineexcite a hope but prevent its fulfillment; tease