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  1. auroral
  2. bacchanalian
  3. iridescent
  4. amazon
  5. myrmidon
  1. a obedient and unquestioning follower
  2. b pertaining to or resembling the dawn; rosy; radiant
  3. c jovial or wild with drunkenness
  4. d having colors like the rainbow
  5. e tall, strong, bold woman

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  1. plant life; plants of a particular region or period
  2. very difficult; requiring the strength of Hercules
  3. dangerous, attractive woman; woman who sings with bewitching sweetness; apparatus for sounding loud warnings
  4. to bully; intimidate with threats; bluster
  5. automatic and immediate repetition of what others say

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  1. stentorianvery loud


  2. Pyrrhicusing words sparingly; terse; concise


  3. mercurialvery difficult; requiring the strength of Hercules


  4. eristicairtight; secret; obscure; magical; mysterious


  5. nemesisdue punishment for evil deeds; one who inflicts such punishment


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