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  1. ambrosial
  2. Draconian
  3. titanic
  4. Olympian
  5. chimerical
  1. a cruel; harsh; severe; ironhanded
  2. b fantastic; unreal; impossible; absurd
  3. c majestic; godlike; lofty; having to do with the Olympic games
  4. d exceptionally pleasing to taste or smell; extremely delicious; excellent
  5. e of enormous strength, size or power

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  1. due punishment for evil deeds; one who inflicts such punishment
  2. to bully; intimidate with threats; bluster
  3. marked by simplicity and avoidance of comfort; marked by self-discipline, bravery, and ability to endure pain
  4. pertaining to war; warlike
  5. unnaturally drowsy; sluggish; dull

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  1. marathonlong distance footrace of 26 miles, 385 yards; endurance contest


  2. saturnineusing words sparingly; terse; concise


  3. hermeticprone to controversy; disputatious; argumentative


  4. terpsichoreanpertaining to dancing


  5. bacchanalianjovial or wild with drunkenness