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microbe noun

an organism invisible to the naked eye, especially on that causes diseases.



microcosm noun

a miniature world; something that resembles something else on a very small factor

minuscule adj

extremely small

minutia noun

a small or trivial detail.

minuo minuere minui minutum

to lessen



tenuo tenuare tenuavi tenuatum

to make thin



attenuate verb

to make slender or thin

attenuate verb

to weaken; to reduce in force or value

tenuous adj

thin in form

tenuous adj

flimsy; having little substance or variety



satiate verb

to satisfy an appetite fully; to gratify to excess

impleo implere implevi impletum

to fill



comply verb

to do as one is asked or ordered

implement noun

a tool or utensil

implement verb

to carry out; to put in effect

replete adj

well-stocked or abundantly supplied

replete adj

completely filled; utterly satisfied

expletive noun

an exclamation or oath, especially obsecene

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