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Jeopardy: Dental laws and Ethics

Dental Assistants
Dental Students
Dental Hygienists
What four groups are affiliated with the ADA
Failure to use a standard of care, that a reasonable person would apply under related situations
This terms means "do not harm" or a duty to protect the patient
This is a written court order, requiring the attendants of the person named at a specified time and place for the purpose of being questioned under oath, concerning a particular manner that is the subject of an investigation preceding a lawsuit
Good vs Evil
Right vs Wrong
Moral judgments and behaviors
What are the four principles of ethics of dentistry
This term means "do good"
duty to promote the patients welfare
This term means "truthfulness"
This terms means "self governance"
Duty to treat patients according to the patients desires and protect patient confidentiality
Conduct intended to cause injury or conduct that is carried on with the conscience disregard of the rights of others
Respondent Superior
This terms means " The master answers" or the employer is responsible for all employee actions
This conduct intended to put a person through cruel and unjust hardships with conscience disregard of the persons rights
Reasonable notice to allow patient to find another dentist
must be done in writing with certified letter
What two criteria's, must be met in order to legally terminate the patient
This is an act, which may be intentional or unintentional that has caused harm to another person
Informed Consent
This is the procedure, of fully informing the patient about the choices the patient has, regarding his dental care addressing any concerns he may have
Res ipsa loquitur
This means "the act speaks for itself" its when a malpractice case, the evidence is so clear that this doctrine is implemented
Contributory Negligence
This occurs when a patients actions or lack thereof, negatively affect the treatment outcome
Res Geste
Statements made at the time of an alleged negligent act are admissible in court as evidence under this doctrine
Laws of state which the DA is practicing
laws very from state to state
Where should a dental assistant be aware of the laws regarding their duties and why is it necessary
Legal damages
These are monetary awards that the law imposes from a breach of some duty or a violation of some right
With regard to HIPPA, the ability to transfer insurance companies and still be covered for pre- existing conditions refers to
Dental Jurisprudence
What are the governing laws in the science of Dentistry
State board of dentistry
This is the administrative board, responsible for supervising, enforcing and ensuring adherence to the dental practice act of its specific state
Compensatory damages
These are designed to compensate an individual for all the actual losses and damages that would need to be recovered to make that person whole again
This is a professional negligence of incorrect treatment of a professional
Liability insurance
This is designed to protect the practice against specific claims made by patients, employees and visitors
Express contracts
These are verbal or written words that are agreed upon in an established contract. It specifies what each party will do
With regard to HIPPA, generally dealing with the patients right to privacy from the dentist, health insurer, and other parties required in the health care process, refers to
Acceptance of referral
name of specialist and referring Doctor
reason for the referral and description of referrral
What are the four things that should be documented when referring a patient to a specialist
Criminal Law
This involves a government action against individuals who perform illegal procedures or violate laws
Direct supervision
This requires the dentist to be physically present in the office, while procedures are being performed and work must be examined once the procedure is completed
This is the act of an employee illegally taking funds from his or her employer
Risk Management
This is a plan and systematic process, to reduce and /or eliminate the probability that loss will occur in a specific setting
State Dental Board
What organization wrote the dental jurisprudence (status of laws that govern dentistry)
Punitive damages
These are often the larger of two awards and are intended primarily to punish wrongdoings by the defendant for especially harmful acts
This is an intentional misrepresentation of a fact, with the intent to deprive a person of property or legal rights
This term means "fairness" a duty to be fair when dealing with patients
Informed refusal
This form is used if a patient refuses radiographs and the dentist chooses to continue treatment without them
The portion of the word, found at the beginning of the term, that modifies the means of the root word
Implied contract
This is an agreement or contract that is based on the patients actions
Root word
This is usually found in the center of a term and identifies the origin or body party involved
This allows an individual to transfer licensure, without having to retake licensure exams
Due care/ Standard of care
This term means "the way it outta be done" or what any reasonable or prudent dental care professional would do under a similar circumstance
Withdrawing from patient care, without reasonable notice or failure to provide referral for completion of dental treatment is illegal and known as
Failure of proper of satisfactory communication between the patient and dental team
What is the most common reason for malpractice
Civil law
This refers to a noncriminal, legal action that a patient may pursue against a dentist that may result in a compensation lawsuit for pain, suffering and loss of wages resulting from a dental treatment or dentist actions
Professional ethics
The rules or standards, that govern the conduct of members of a profession
This is the portion of a word found at the end of a term and alters the root word
Expanded functions
These are duties performed by qualified dental auxiliaries who have increased training, have additional education or have registered with their state, according to specific regulations set forth by a state dental practice act